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Sweet Pickle and Me!

Justin's t-shirt advertises the school he never attends. He's asking for some time off to finish an art project. Creepy Boss tells Justin that a job isn't a party. Justin says that he could fail a class if he doesn't get the time off. Wow. How long has he been working there that he's already failing from the stripping? And how much does this school cost, anyway? Creepy Boss says that he'll let Justin off this once, as long as he can also get Justin off first.

Justin's working at home drawing. Brian leans in and kisses him. He takes a look at something Justin's printed out. He says it's not bad. He offers to hang it so that Justin can tell everybody he's hung. They kiss. Justin smiles and says he already tells everybody that. Brian asks Justin how he got the night off. Justin says that he told Creepy Boss he needed to finish a project, and it's that easy. He brags again that he can take care of himself. Brian stands up to light his cigarette, and calls Brian a smart-ass. He tells Brian that he can have the entire weekend off if he does a gig at an after-hours party at Creepy Boss's house. Justin says he'd be a "pretty boy" there for decoration. Brian asks who else would be there. Justin supposes it'd be Creepy Boss's friends. Brian moans about how lame the parties and the friends probably are. Justin gets all defensive about the guy giving him head and tells Brian that he doesn't know Creepy Boss. Brian tucks his cigarette behind his ear and says he knows how Justin got to dance on the bar. "I let him blow me," Justin tries to say flirtatiously. "Big deal." Brian offers Justin five thousand dollars for his drawing. Justin says it's not for sale. Brian is unhappy as we all say in unison: "No. Just you."

Someone decided to let Mel and Lindsay out of their cage so that they could dress Debbie for her date. Mel's pumping the mascara brush inside the tube (something you're not supposed to do because it can get bacteria inside the tube and give you an eye infection). Debbie says she knows WhoreCop knows what she looks like, so there's no need to make such a fuss. Lindsay and Mel now have to share one line so they have some screen time as they say, "It's not for Horpack. It's for you." Debbie says she knows what she looks like as well. They hold a mirror in front of her face. She's amazed at how good she looks. Um, all they did was take away the black eyeliner. Everything else is the same. Somebody wanna help her out with that wig débacle? Lindsay tells Debbie that she looks like a princess. You know, I really don't see much of a difference. They've got her in that Mama's Family top, which is hideous. "Well, it's better'n lookin' like the Queen Mother!" Debbie quips. Ouch. Should have rewritten that line, I guess, since not too many people want to look like the Queen Mum these days. Debbie panics when she hears the doorbell, and takes the gum out of her mouth. Someone get that gold bangle bracelet off her wrist! She isn't Wonder Woman, for Christ's sake. Debbie says she isn't nervous, and that she has everything under control. Mel points out that Debbie's forgotten where the front door is. Guffaw! Debbie pushes her tits up as she walks to the door. Mel and Lindz share a look, without one word written to exchange between them.

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