Queer as Folk U.S.
The Dangers Of Sex And Drugs

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Mikey's driving the drunk tank. Brian's still teasing Michael about his mother. Michael tells Brian to shut up. Brian wonders if Debbie and the cop did it. Ted turns on some loud music as Michael starts speeding. Brian says that Michael's jealous of the new big dick in Debbie's life, because Michael's not her little special guy anymore. Ted tells Brian to shut up. Police sirens. Michael has to pull over, since he was speeding. Ted asks Brian if he has anything on him. Brian says he's got sixteen pounds of cocaine and twenty-four ounces of heroin. It's not really that stupid a question, Brian. Ted turns off the music as Michael finally pulls over. The cop walks up to the car and knocks on the window. Michael rolls down the window and hands the cop his license and registration. The cop asks if Michael's the owner of the car. Michael points at drunk Brian. The cop asks if Michael is aware that he was speeding. Michael starts mouthing off and says that must be why it felt he was going so fast. Ted tells Michael to shut up. The cop tells Michael he was doing sixty in a thirty MPH zone. Michael congratulates the cop on his math skills, and offers to give him a jelly donut. He asks why the cop isn't doing something useful, like arresting a murderer. The cop asks if Michael has a problem with cops. Brian says he's only got a problem with the ones who fuck his mother. Michael tells the cop to give him the damn ticket as Ted moans that they're going to get arrested. The cop tells Michael to get out of the car. Michael asks if he's going to get worked over. Ted moans that they're going to have to go to jail. The cop tells Brian and Ted to get out of the car as well. Drunk Brian flops out of the car holding a bottle of booze, saying he'd be more than happy to drive everyone home.

Marilyn Manson's "The Dope Show" plays as Justin does more drugs. Drugs. Green light. Green light means drugs. Blue light: anal sex. Green light: drugs or freaky sex. Justin's feeling pretty good about now and starts dancing around. Creepy Boss and Co. are watching. Groups of naked boys fuck nearby. Justin's enjoying the feeling of his head being on his body. The Drug Cam makes everything elongated and crooked. They're so happy they scored this Manson song that they're playing it on eleven. Creepy Boss brings over Justin's roofie, and Justin drinks it. Creepy Boss offers to show Justin where he's going to get gang-fucked. The Fear camera is strapped to Justin as he walks into another room. People are touching Justin, and Creepy Boss shows Justin another kid getting gang-fucked. They try to put Justin in the sex swing, but he's cognizant enough to say that he doesn't want to. They don't listen, so Justin kicks Creepy Boss in the face. Creepy Boss busts a cap and screams at Justin. Before Justin can get the shit kicked out of him again, Justin trips out of the house. Creepy Boss yells for Justin not to bother coming back to work.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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