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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

Babylon! Demon, sans shirt, walks back to the bar, followed by a bevy of HDGBs trying to give him their phone numbers. Ha! Demon's loving it. Mike stomps up, rips the pieces of paper out of their hands and shrieks, "Do you mind?! He's already taken!" Demon tries not to laugh. Mike tells him to "wipe that grin off [his] face, and put [his] shirt on!" adding, "I don't want to hear another word!" He grabs Demon by the ear, and leads him off the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Emmett's wandering around looking for Brent, and Justin's wandering around looking for Brian. Justin sees Brian talking to Dreamboy. Justin's little heart just breaks, because he's a LOOOOSER! Go join the Sixers in the corner over there, Justin. Of course, they have more class than you do. And way more game. But maybe if you beg, they'll let you be a ball boy. Justin finds Sheba, dressed like Queen Elizabeth and conveniently standing right behind him, and whispers something in her ear.

Sheba goes back onstage and introduces the next contestant, who "likes the Powerpuff Girls, margaritas, and older men who take him for granted." Guess who? It's Justin -- who, in the last two seconds, has taken off his shirt and grabbed a cowboy hat and a tattered vest from somewhere. Okay, now Justin has the body of a twelve-year old girl, is horribly pale, has no muscle tone at all, and his idea of dancing is to gyrate slowly around the pole, while chewing gum. That's it. I mean, the boy isn't even filling out his pants, on either side. So, of course, the crowd goes wild. Wild, I tell you! Brian and Dreamboy are both fascinated by this display, and not even horrified, as I am. Mike looks scared. Ted's shocked. Emmett cheers Justin on. I'm mortified for everyone involved. Brian sees that Dreamboy is all into Justin, so Brian kisses Dreamboy to regain his attention. Dreamboy kisses Brian back, but keeps his eyes open so that he can look at Justin. Burn! Justin's watching them, too. Brian tries to drag Dreamboy off, but Dreamboy wants to stay and watch. Gotta be kidding me. Justin strips down to his tightie whities, and drives me under the computer desk in embarrassment.

Emmett walks up to a lower landing on the stairs, which is where Brent finds him. It's supposed to look like a balcony scene. Emmett says that he was starting to worry, and Brent apologizes, "I got hung up." I'll bet. Emmett chirps, "That's okay; it gave me more time to miss you. And be even happier, now that you're back." Emmett leans in for a kiss and then pauses, "Is that cologne?" Brent's like, uh, I guess so. Emmett doesn't remember his ever wearing cologne. Brent: "I just started." Snicker. Emmett asks whether everything's all right, because Brent seems distant. Brent reassures him that everything's fine. Emmett grabs Brent's hand and tries to turn back to their cottage fantasy, but Brent stops him and confesses that everything isn't fine: "I can't lie to you. We've meant too much to each other for that. I've met someone new." Urrrrgh. Emmett: "Who? We've only been together an hour and forty-five minutes!" Brent stammers that he didn't mean for it to happen and swears that he never meant to hurt Emmett. Emmett runs away from him, trying not to cry.

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