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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

Brian, on the other hand, is trying to affirm something else. He goes downstairs to the Back Room of Sex, which I guess has been relocated. He watches Justin and Sean go at it under the stairs. The King is dead, all hail the King. Yeah, yeah, yeah. At least Brian can say he fucked this year's winner, too.

Outside the club, Mike's pulling on his gloves when Melanie Marcus and Debbie come running up. He asks them what they're doing there, and Melanie Marcus asks for Brian. They go back inside the club; Debbie explains the situation and asks whether Brian can help. Not on a Saturday night, unfortunately. Debbie asks whether a credit card would work, but the maximum withdrawal at an ATM is $500. Demon says that he can cover it, if they take a check. Melanie Marcus says that they will, but only if it's certified. Debbie swears, "Could they make this more fucking difficult?!" Yeah, too bad it isn't easier to get accused criminals out of jail. Melanie Marcus says that they're just going to have to call a bail bondsman, as Blake runs off to find Dino. He confers with him for a moment, and then goes back to the group. Blake hands Melanie Marcus a card and tells her to call the number on it, mention Dino's name; they can put up the bail for Vic. Ted asks Blake what that was all about, and Blake says he asked Dino for a favor. Debbie thanks Blake profusely, and Mike and Brian look at him with new eyes, because he helped! Debbie asks Ted, "Where did you find him?" Ted tells her it's a long story. Mike thanks Blake, too, and apologizes for being "shitty," but Blake understands: "It's because you care about Ted. So do I." Aww. Hugs! So, Mike gives Blake a hug. Ted's like, did I miss something?

The Station. Vic's released, but is pretty humiliated when he sees Mike and Melanie Marcus with Debbie. Like she was really going to be able to get $5,000 by herself. Mike assures his uncle that there's no reason to be ashamed, because they know he's innocent. Vic just wants to go home. Debbie agrees, but wants him to take his meds, which she's been trying to get to him all night. Vic tells her that he already got them from the desk sergeant. Debbie tries to shoot him a grateful look, but he turns away.

Demon's Lair. Demon teases Mike, telling him that he's never seen Michael so jealous. Mike protests that he wasn't jealous: "How would you feel if your boyfriend was being ogled by every fag in town?" Demon smiles that it so happens that Mike is. Not. Demon adds that Michael just never notices, and Michael snorts, "Oh, yeah, that's my problem. Faulty gaydar." Hee. Mike mopes that he guesses now that Demon's proved how hot he is, that he'll be out partying every night. Demon's like, not every night, but it's nice to get the attention. Hot young men may have their appeal: "But there are other things: work, my son, and you." Probably in that order, too. Mike asks him to do a private dance for him, because it's been a month since I've had to suffer this much. Demon does. And, no, I'm not going to describe it.

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