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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

Demon's Lair. Demon's bent over the bed, folding laundry and putting it away. Mike comes out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth. We get a shot in between Demon's legs of Mike standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Mike says something unintelligible (because of the toothpaste in his mouth). Demon's like, the hell? Mike scampers into the bathroom, spits, and then scampers back out to repeat, "Those jeans are old and too tight," grinning, "How come I've never seen them before?" Demon chuckles that he only wears them when he doesn't have any more clean clothes. Mike: "Well, you must stop doing laundry, immediately." Ha! Mike asks Demon whether he feels like going out and watching the King of Babylon contest. Demon good-naturedly scoffs that he's "too old for that shit." Mike says that he isn't, but he, really, really is, and so are you, Michael. Mike adds, "If the guys saw how incredibly sexy you look in those jeans, they'd probably stop..." He pauses but not before piquing Demon's curiosity. Stop what? Uh, nothing. No, seriously what? Uh, referring to you as a geriatric? "They'd probably stop making comments about adult diapers and denture cream, and, uh, penile implants." Demon's all, penile implants?! Mike shrugs and goes back to the bathroom to rinse. Demon takes a look at himself in the mirror, pulling up his shirt to show cut abs and a nice tight waist, and I'm sorry -- personality deficiencies aside, there ain't much wrong with that. Any of The Boys would be lucky to get their hands on a body like that. I mean, have you people seen Gale Harold's chest? Practically concave. I speak only God's truth.

Meanwhile, back at Babylon, The Boys plus Blake wait outside in the cold for Mike and his Demon companion. Brian, wind still blowing up the tulle, sneers that he knew they wouldn't show, and says something dumb about Mike's giving Demon a prostate massage. Emmett drawls that there are worse ways to spend an evening. I'm leaving that one alone. Mike and Demon walk up, and Mike apologizes for being late: "We had to wait for [Demon] to do his thousand sit-ups." Demon stomps around in the cold, turning some, and we get a zoom-in shot of the ripped-up butt of his jeans. You can't really see much butt, actually, but that doesn't stop Emmett from being impressed, anyway. Demon blushes, and I become more and more concerned because he hasn't done anything to piss me off, yet. And he still looks really good. So, where the hell is my cognitive dissonance? Brian changes the subject by ordering them all inside.

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