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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

Back at the bar, The Boys continuing watching as everyone else gets their groove things on. Blake excuses himself, and Ted, worried, asks where he's going. Blake's just going to the bathroom; cool your jets, Eeyore. Once he bails, Mike adds fuel to the fire and wonders whether it's a good idea to let Blake go to the restroom alone. Ted: "Would you like me to hold it for him?" Brian and I snicker. Mike, never one to let a damn thing go, is like, remember what happened last time? No, and thank God you're here to remind him. Jesus Christ. Ted replies, "It's called trust." You know, Mike, that thing you have that makes you believe Demon's not going to run off and go get jerked off at the bathhouse again? Demon, of course, has nothing to add to this conversation. Shut up, Michael. Brian, who's continuing to be the biggest bitch this evening, sneers, "Trust that he'll end up in the Emergency Room." Ted's done with both of them: "Maybe he'll disappoint you both. Maybe he'll actually be all right." Brian throws an arm around Ted's neck, leans in, and asks, "When you were a boy, did you save the birds with the broken wings?" Like that's a bad thing, Mr. Calls-Mikey-to- come over-to- pull-splinters-out-of- his-finger? Ted pulls away and snaps, "What did you do, tear them off?" The thing of it is, Blake really hasn't given Ted any reason not to trust him, other than the drug-addiction thing. And even after the overdose incident, Blake still called an ambulance and waited to make sure it showed up. I mean, I would have thought they would have all gotten over it after Ted discovered that Blake didn't steal his wallet. And he cooks, for God's sake. And not a damn one of The Boys is perfect, so shut UP, Brian.

Emmett walks up with TLG and introduces him as "a very special someone" named...well, actually, he doesn't know TLG's name, yet. True Love Guy says that it's Brent. The Boys look at each other like, uh huh, so I guess they're not always wrong. The Boys say hi, Mike adding, "Anyone who's special to Emmett is special to us." Brent's like, who? Emmett says that he's Emmett. The Boys grin, because this is just getting better and better. Demon asks how long they've known each other, and Emmett replies, "In this lifetime, only a brief while. But I believe that in past lives, we've known each other many times." Brent nods his head in agreement. Uh huh. Brent: "It's the only explanation for how we could have so much in common." Emmett gushes that you couldn't believe how much they have in common! Like the fact that they're both wrapped up in this dumb-ass throwaway subplot! Better luck next life! Emmett's like, "We both love Brad Pitt!" Brent: "Clinique for Men." Together: "Especially when they're having a sale." Demon's not sure this is a joke. You and me both, Doc. Emmett and Brent continue that they both like green onion potato chips, and they have the same favorite song, "Somewhere Out There." Way out there. Mike invites Brent to have a drink with them, and Ted starts to stew. Mike's like, what's up? Ted's like, you just met Brent and everybody's all buddy-buddy with him, but Blake just gets shut out. Mike lames that he doesn't know what to say to Blake: "'So, I hear you almost killed my friend. So, you passed out on the bathroom floor, you wanna be buds?'" So, Ted falsely accused you of stealing his wallet and it turned out you didn't. And I hear you cook? Can I buy you a beer? Have I already told Mike to shut up tonight? Ted snaps that he thought that if anyone would have given Blake a chance, it would have been Mike. You know, what with his fucked-up relationships with Brian and Demon and all. And don't Brian and Mike and Emmett all use drugs? Hello? Oh, right, but they're not addicts. Whatever.

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