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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

The Happy Fun House. The doorbell rings, and Melanie Marcus makes her way down the stairs to answer it. It's Debbie, frantic. She says she tried to call first, and Melanie Marcus tells her that they turn the phone off at night, because it wakes Gus up. Which seems to me to be a double-edged sword, because if someone is trying to call you that late, it's probably an emergency, and it leads to things like frantic women knocking at your door because they couldn't reach you by phone, which I assume would wake the baby, too, but what do I know? I'm not a screenwriter, so perhaps I just don't understand how these things work. And maybe if I had to sit there and figure out how to get all these people in one room, I would have to come up with an explanation that lame. St. L.'s joined them by this time, as Debbie explains that Vic's in jail, and why. Debbie tells them that Vic says he's innocent, but obviously he needs a lawyer, so that's why she's here. Melanie Marcus immediately says that she'll go get dressed. St. L. lets a lack of sleep get the best of her and asks, "Well, if he didn't do anything wrong, why did they arrest him?" And if you don't know the answer to that, what planet are you living on? Melanie Marcus shakes her head and says it's just typical harassment of gays: "Cops just like playing 'capture the fag.'" Debbie, however, gets all upset that St. L. could think Vic did something wrong. Because he didn't! Dammit! Nice going, Lindsay. MM's like, it's all cool, gimme a minute to get dressed, and we'll go. St. L. watches her go up the stairs, and then turns back to face a glaring Debbie. Oops.

Babylon! The Boys have moved to one of the upper balconies, still watching everyone else have a life. Man, they never do anything. Justin sidles up to Brian and says, "You said to check back with you in an hour." Looo-ser! Couldja be a little more pathetic, there, Justin? Brian's like, I've got eight minutes left. Because he's so worth this abuse, right, Justin? Justin follows Brian's gaze down to a guy on the dance floor -- wearing a t-shirt that says "Dreamboy" -- with whom he is exchanging The Look of Homosexual Acknowledgement. Justin snorts, "He has zits on his ass, a tragic endowment, and is just getting over a nasty case of gonorrhea." And you, on the other hand, are a loo-ser! Brian doesn't care, anyway. Justin gives it one last shot: "Well, if I were you, I wouldn't wait too long. By then I might have other plans." And stomps off. Whatever, Justin. Bye now.

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