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The King Of Babylon

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The King Of Babylon

The restroom. Blake's washing his hands, as Dino leans against the wall nearby. Dino asks what's up with him, and Blake tells him it's nothing. Dino asks him who his "friend" is, and Blake says it's no one. The dealer notes that they look pretty tight, though, and Blake gets all defensive. The dealer asks why Blake didn't introduce them, and Blake snaps, "He wouldn't like you." Why? He seems like such a nice guy. Dino grins, "Even if I offered him a 'favor'?" Blake says that Ted wouldn't be interested. The dealer pulls out a small baggie of something or another, and the screen does that swoosh-flash thing as Blake stares at it. Dino says it's "great stuff." Blake says that he's not interested, either, and walks out. Yay, Blake!

Blake's about to head up the stairs to join the boys (Which makes no sense, seeing as he left them downstairs at the bar), when Ted, waiting at the bottom of the stairs, grabs his arm. Blake's a little upset that Ted was waiting outside the restroom for him, and he accuses Ted of trying to check up on him; Ted tries to play it off with a joke about "meeting the cutest guys here." While they're ODed on the floor. Ha. Ha. Ha. Blake snaps that he's fine, just as the dealer walks out and in between them, giving Blake a knowing look. Ted assures Blake that he believes him, but Blake turns away when Ted tries to give him a kiss. Blake says that they should go find the rest of the gang, but Ted tells him he'd rather just be alone with Blake.

Back on the stage, Sheba has changed into Marilyn Monroe's dress from The Seven Year Itch. She introduces Dwayne, who's dressed as a biker. Professional dancer, hot, both nipples pierced. Next. Oblivious, Emmett and Brent walk through the crowd, to the tune of "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies." Cute. Emmett tells Brent that he always dreamed of living in a little cottage. Brent gasps, "With a little garden out back?" Emmett continues, "Where I can grow lavender and daffodils, and wear a big sun bonnet...that ties under the chin." God. The two of them continue this idyllic fantasy, adding home-cooked gourmet meals, snuggling in front of the fire, and long nature walks. Kill me now. Brent sighs, looks over the balcony for a beat, and then tells Emmett not to go away, because he'll be right back. Emmett says he won't move an inch, and Brent kisses him and takes off.

Back at the bar, Mike's clapping along to the music, but Demon's bored and asks, "You've had enough pulsating, grinding flesh for one evening?" Ah, there's the Demon I've grown to know and hate. Mike says he's ready to go whenever. Brian saunters up and says that they can't leave yet: "You'll miss my big number." Mike's like, shyeah, whatever, Brian's not going up there. Brian says that if they leave, they'll never know.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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