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The Scott Lowell Interview, Part II

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"We See the Potential, Too, and We All Want It to Be The Best It Can Be"
C: But you know, there's a place for that. You guys do get that, though. You get that on the boards all the time. SL: Right, exactly. But for my own sensibilities, I'd rather someone call me "Eeyore." C: And I would just like to say that Eeyore is one of my favorite Disney characters. SL: Oh, sure. There's a lot of baggage that goes along with Eeyore. C: And he's purple. And fuzzy! SL: And you can hang a tail on him! Eeyore is, one of those odd, again, [coincidences]. Eeyore has been on my mind, he was in my mind initially as Ted, and Ted gets much of his posture from Eeyore. C: And I picked it out. I rule! SL: You're brilliant! And I secretly wear purple underwear, and so the purple is there...no. C: And people just fainted all over the internet. "Purple underwear! Aah!" Thump! SL: "Ted wears underwear!" C: See, they're still in a daze since you said Gale Harold visits the site, and they probably just snapped out of it in time to read about your underwear. SL: Yeah. Are they back, yet? Is anybody listening? No. "Gale!" We've caused mass electrocutions across the country, people drooling on their keyboards. C: You know, I've actually had a couple of people say that they've stopped reading the recaps because they're so negative. SL: Oh, really. C: And, since that's kind of the mission of the site, I was like, okay. Thanks. SL: [Laughs] Yeah. Thank for your input. C: But other than that, they're just really happy that [Queer As Folk is] here. [Following this was a discussion of why the site changed its name, and how it reminded Scott of Elvis Costello's song, "Town Without Pity." Then I had to admit that I admire Elvis Costello but I'm not familiar with any of his stuff other than "Veronica," which is the one song of his that Mr. Costello is known to hate. Scott only gave me a little shit about that, and not even my mastery of Crowded House's catalog stopped me from looking like a dork.] C: Okay. More questions. I should probably ask you about [being questioned about being gay], but you've pretty much covered that in the past. [Scott was interviewed by a magazine a few weeks ago, in which he was quoted as "making sure to point out" that he was straight, which he didn't. He wrote a letter to the editor to about it. The letter basically said (a) it doesn't matter, and (b) if someone thinks he's gay when they watch the show, then, duh, he's done his job.]

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