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The Scott Lowell Interview, Part II

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"We See the Potential, Too, and We All Want It to Be The Best It Can Be"
C: Oh, dear. SL: Well, you know, you just kind of let that stuff go, because there's nothing you can do about that. I look like what I look like. But I understood [Ted] so well psychologically. And Dan and Ron told me that they weren't really clear on the character, they didn't have a clear vision of what this character would be. They were looking for someone to come in and define him for them. And they were able to see, wow, there's something intriguing about someone who's somewhat attractive, but just feels so awful inside. And how he carries himself, his bearing and all that, makes him even less attractive. You know, Ted perpetuates his own rejections -- he sets himself up for it. There's a later episode in the season -- actually the episode we're shooting, [2-14] -- where Brian and Ted drunkenly get into a discussion about this very topic. And Brian just kind of lays Ted's problem out there for him. I think in some ways, it would have been easier casting someone who people would automatically look at and say, "Well, yeah, I wouldn't go for him." There is something a little more intriguing to the fact that he's not that bad. C: Well, yeah, there is, because, you know, you look at Ted, and realize that it's mostly about the environment he puts himself in. SL: Absolutely. C: I'll give you a for instance, just from my life. And I was really afraid that this was going to end up being all about me than you, by the way. [Laughs] SL: As well it should. People are tired of hearing all about my shit. They want to read about Camper! C: To heck with you! What about me? Speaking of which, how do you feel about me? SL: Exactly! C: Old joke! Well, no, I actually lived in D.C. for about five years. I moved to L.A. back in October. And it's sort of a different mentality on the East Coast? I mean, people are focused on different things. I had this theory that it had to do with the weather, and having to deal with seasons and that whole thing. They dress and act differently. They drink more. SL: Tell me about it. I'm in Toronto. C: Yes. Alcohol everywhere. It's a nice town, though. SL: It's a wonderful town. C: Yeah, I went and visited Wing there in August. Very clean. SL: It is. Delightfully so. C: So, you've noticed! SL: Yeah, it's like stages of clean for me. Chicago is much cleaner than New York and Toronto is much cleaner than Chicago. And DisneyWorld is a much cleaner...I don' t know.

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