Queer as Folk U.S.
The Scott Lowell Interview, Part II

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"We See the Potential, Too, and We All Want It to Be The Best It Can Be"
C: Yeah, it's just people. SL: You're making such a big thing out of it, and we're trying to show these people's lives. It's not the entire gay community, but this group of people. This is what it's like -- people who are into the club scene, and whatnot, these things are important to them. But it's no different from the straight club scene. C: No, it's not. We like to pretend it is. SL: [Laughs] We like to pretend, yes. C: Well, we don' t have back rooms. SL: Yeah, well that's due to...I mean, come on [laughs], we know how men are. So, just double that. C: Right, and people get upset at me when I say that. I mean, give me a break, if straight men knew that they could have sex with women that easily... SL: Exactly. There would be back rooms all over this great land. There would be back rooms in Denny's! C: Ha! SL: Black people wouldn't be allowed in, but there would be back rooms there. No, no, I love Denny's. There goes my corporate sponsorship. C: So, so, so-oh going to get yourself into trouble. Your ass is so fuckin' fired! SL: Wow. Geez, God. Maybe there's openings on Will and Grace. C: You have been saving your money, right? SL: Exactly. I've been investing wisely, so I can afford to say these things. C: Not in Enron, though, right? SL: Exactly. C: Because I'm worried about you, Scott. SL: Many are. I'm okay, everybody. C: Whew. SL: God, there was such a good point to be made there. And it flew out the window. It might come back. C: Well, you know, we could take a moment. SL: Let me see, what was I going to say? C: Well, I could move on to...I actually had questions. Well, sort of. SL: Let's see what you've got. C: Okay, and um, there's actually going to be a point to this, but I've got to go into another tangent, so like... SL: Okay. [Fakes snoring.] C: Exactly. Last January or February, Hal and Michelle and Thea, is it "Tee-ah" or "Thay-ah"? SL: "Tay-ah." C: -- Showed up in Washington D.C. at, uh -- SL: American University. C: Yes, American Unviersity. I went to that. And there was a fairly large group of people there. And Hal is all used to this. And he kind of took over in answering questions and all that. And Michelle and Thea were looking around, like, wow. So, I mean, really, how jazzed are you? Is this cool, or what?

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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