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The Scott Lowell Interview, Part II

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"We See the Potential, Too, and We All Want It to Be The Best It Can Be"
C: [Laughing] "He says, from Canada." SL: [Laughs] "He says from Canada," exactly! C: I'm sorry, "He says, safely from Canada." SL: And safely years beyond the draft. C: [Laughs] Yes. SL: And I remember that I thought, at the time, that we just don't feel that way about our country anymore. That complete, you know, [lack of cynicism]. We've been through too much during the '70s, or something. Some of us who were alive back then! So, this belief in what America stands for, and this complete love of country, that you're willing to die for it, is so rare now. But we've obviously learned a very important lesson since September 11th, and it would be interesting to see how the public responded to the play now. That love that kind of turns into the unhealthy obsession that we spoke of earlier. Booth was misguided in what he did, but he truly believed he was doing it for the right reason. [The play] is an examination of what leads to that frame of mind. But you know, this was a guy who, at the time, was a huge matinee idol, who was considered one of the most charming, handsome men in the country. He had a lot to give up. [At this point, I had to both turn the tape around and answer call-waiting. I am the last person in Los Angeles without voicemail. Scott and I picked up talking about his next round of appearances.] C: So, you guys are coming down [to Los Angeles] in March. SL: Yes, we're coming out on the 2nd for the Museum of Television and Radio event. C: So, it'll probably be me and 500,000 other people. SL: It'll be interesting to see what happens. C: People have been asking me, "Are you going to go?" And I'm like, oh, man, into that frenzy? SL: [Laughs] "Aw, man. Leave me alone." C: Yes, so I maybe, probably, will most likely be there. SL: "I don't even like the show, anyway." C: He-ey! SL: I'm just kidding. C: I like what the show is trying to do. SL: Oh, absolutely. C: I understand and support the point you're trying to make. [Laughs] It's just the execution I sometimes have a problem with. SL: And it's why we as the cast love reading [the recaps and message boards], because it's obvious [these] are big fans of the show. And you feel the same way we do. We see the potential, too, and we want it to be the best it can be. And the only way you can make fun of something like that is if you have, you know, affection for it.

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