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Ouch! That's Gotta Hurt.

Brian's. Brian's getting undressed, and St. L.'s busy tearing him a new one: "You gave me your word! You swore I could trust you with him." Brian says that the new one TLFKAM tore him hasn't healed yet. Now he has two new ones, which is about two too many in order to function under normal parameters. Lindsay yells, "You say you want to be his fucking parent, then be his fucking parent, but don't tell me that you're going to be there when you're not! You've never been there for anyone other than yourself!" Multiple thousand-dollar checks notwithstanding, of course. There's a knock at the door, and a voice calls, "Hey, sonny boy! Anyone home?" Brian walks into the living room, and there's Pop Kinney. Brian asks him what the hell he wants. Pop says that he'll only be a minute; he found an old picture of him with Brian when Brian was a baby, and wanted his son to see it. Brian marvels that his father is actually smiling in the picture, and Pop Kinney snorts, "It's a photograph -- isn't that what you're supposed to do?" Brian drops the photo on the ground and says that he doesn't want it. Pop replies that Brian might change his mind after he's gone. Brian: "I doubt it." Brian walks back up into the bedroom platform. Pop calls after him, "You know, you can really pack a wallop for a fairy. Just don't tell your mother, you understand?" He shuts up when he sees Lindsay sitting on the bed. She reintroduces herself, but Pop remembers, and asks her to call him "Jack." Brian snorts, "You still think you're a ladies' man?" Pop ignores him and tells Lindsay, "You have yourself a beautiful son." He turns to leave, but Brian stops him: "There's someone else I want you to say hello to." Brian picks up "Gus" and tells Pop that he's his grandson. Pop, being old-school, is understandably confused, but Brian says, nope, this is my kid, all right. Lindsay asks whether Pop would like hold him, and Pop's delighted. "Gus" looks at him like, "Wow. You're old. And I really still don't know what the hell I'm doing here." Brian picks up the picture he dropped on the ground, and looks back and forth between it and his own father and son.

Next week, Justin gets harassed at school because he's gay, so he decides to go political, leading to many troubles. A strange French man has moved in with Lindsay and refuses to let TLFKAM see either her or Gus. And I get to go home to L.A. and marvel at how tan everyone is, and not smoke in bars. Thank God they still allow them to drink in them, though. Yes, I'm still doing the recap. Maybe even earlier than usual, woohoo!

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