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Ouch! That's Gotta Hurt.

Liberty Diner. As a man puts up posters for the "Leather Ball" -- mind you, these posters depict one guy in leather briefs bent over another guy in leather briefs, so the subtlety machine rolls on -- Mike tells Justin and Brian that David's son is coming to visit: "What if he hates me?" Brian shrugs, "Fuck him, he's just a kid." Okay, but does your policy with Justin really apply in this case? Mike fusses that he's not just a kid, he's David's son: "You know what that means." "Gus" is in his car seat on the table, looking at Brian like he's still having problems placing him, exactly. Justin laughs, "You're the wicked stepmother. It's like a fairy tale." Mike scowls, "Well, why don't you get your fairy tail back to work? Isn't there a toilet you need to spit shine?" Brian tells Mike to relax -- David's son isn't going to hate him. Mike asks him why he's sure, and Brian sighs, "I'm crazy about you." Attention Brian Kinney: Shut up. This is not about you. Love, The World. Mike panics: "He's right. I'm the stepmother. I'm a stepmother!" Debbie steps up and starts cooing to the baby, "Who's the stepmother?" "Gus" gazes up at her like, "Huh." He's looking pretty bored -- can someone hand this kid a book while everyone else tries to get through this scene? Thank you. Brian tells her that Mike's the stepmother in question, and Mikey explains that David's son is visiting for the weekend. Debbie scootches Mike over in the booth so that she can coo at "Gus" some more. On closer inspection, "Gus" is getting pretty creeped out by the P-FLAG the Clown get-up, and looks over at Brian for some help. Debbie gushes that "Gus" is looking more and more like Brian every day; Brian, proud, tells her that they're still working on the hair. Hee. When Debbie asks where Lindsay is, Brian explains that St. L. is at a conference, and that he has the baby for the weekend. Debbie's amazed: "I wouldn't let you water my plants. Do you even know what a Huggie is?" Mike: "Here's a hint: It's not a sexual position." Ha! Brian fakes that he has no idea what a Huggie is, and Mike and Debbie remind him, in unison, that it's a diaper. Brian says that he knows all about diapers -- he had this trick once who liked to put Brian in diapers and spank him. Once again, thanks for sharing. Debbie says that she's surprised Brian would take on "Gus," what with the Leather Ball happening this weekend. Brian replies, "It was tempting. But this year I'm trading in my leather jockstrap for rubber pants." Less chance of chafing, I guess. Brian lifts "Gus" out of the seat and holds him above his head. "Gus" looks up at the ceiling, because he really doesn't care. A guy wearing leather chaps over blue jeans saunters by, and he and Brian exchange The Look with Zoom Flash.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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