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Ouch! That's Gotta Hurt.

The Back Room of Sex. People in leather, having sex. One-on-one sex, two in a sling sex, group sex, you name it. It's a lot brighter in there than usual. Brian's there. Of course. Where else did you think he would be? He's already unzipped and has some Nameless Leather Guy all turned around and everything, when a bigger guy comes up and croons to Brian, "Hey, little boy. Wanna come back to my place?" Brian: "No." Ha! Bigger Guy's insistent, though, and Brian finally sighs, "Fuck you." Bigger Guy: "You'd like that, huh? I can tell you need a Daddy." Oh, please. First of all, shut up with the heavy-handed symbolism. And second, doesn't this guy recognize a Top when he sees one? Brian: "I said fuck you. You're not my Daddy." Bigger Guy keeps trying, until Brian finally pushes him off and yells, " I don't need a fucking --" And then more quietly, "...Daddy." Frustrated, Brian pulls out of the Nameless Leather Guy and stalks away. Wow. I almost didn't get that...ABOUT. TEN. MINUTES. AGO.

Dale's house. Ted perches stiffly on the far end of the couch, staring at a copy of Domination magazine on the coffee table. Dale walks in wearing a plush white robe and carrying two scotch glasses. Sitting down in a chair opposite, he tells Ted, "I've been 'Mr. Leather' for the past three years. I've held regional and national titles." Ted says that he's impressed. And surprised: "Who would have suspected? Especially considering your other life." Dale: "The one where I wear a suit and crunch numbers? Treat the clients with undeserved respect?" He shrugs, "That's not who I really am." Snicker. Ted's like, this is? Dale gets up to sit reeeeal close to Ted and continues, "It's amazing, Ted, how it's allowed me to expand my horizons. In other areas, too, even in business." Ted clears his throat: "So, being a leather daddy is the key to your success?" Dale nods, "Oh, you have no idea what can happen once...you give yourself permission." Ted nervously chuckles, "What -- to chain people up, to tie people down?" Dale says that can be the most liberating of all: "Relinquishing control. Allowing someone else to give you pain, pleasure. Whatever you most fear and desire." Ted, flummoxed, asks whether he may use the bathroom. Dale tells him it's downstairs -- down the intricate wrought-iron staircase, which leads to two doors. Ted picks the door on the right. Wrong door! Dale creeps up behind him, and smirks, "I see you've found my play room." Whips, chains, slings, chains, Tree of Pain, chains, you name it. Plus some more chains. Dale is fully stocked. Ted nervously backs into the room. Dale asks wheter Ted would like a demonstration. Ted most certainly would not, but, uh, thanks. Dale: "We'd both enjoy it. I always thought you were hot." Ted frowns. Really? Dale grins, "Vanilla boys are always the wildest. All those unfulfilled desires." See, I gotta tell my friend Chris that, because he was just complaining to me today that he was all boring and "vanilla" and he certainly isn't, but maybe Dale's analysis will make him feel better. Hmm. Maybe not. Dale takes off his robe, and he's still wearing his Master's costume underneath. Got quite a gut there, actually, but he carries it well. Dale: "Why don't you allow me to introduce you to yourself? To the real Ted Schmidt. I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to." Ted looks like the cat facing the monster in Alien. Don't move -- maybe he'll forget you're there. Dale reaches for Ted's nipple and adds, "You say stop, and I'll stop." He gives said nipple a twist, and that snaps Ted out of it; he jumps about fifty feet and tells Dale to stop, knocking over a bunch of clangy metal things in the process. Ted says that's not what he came for, and Dale smirks, "I know. You're just an observer." Ted says that he's seen enough, and that he's going home. Dale calls after him, "You know what I remember most about you? Every day in the school cafeteria, you'd have the same thing for lunch. I used to marvel how the menu never changed. I guess neither have you." Ted pauses, thanks him for the drink, and bails.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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