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Brian's. Justin slumps in a chair across from his gift from the Hammer Goddess: a painting of some very thin sneering guy wearing goggles on top of his head. Brian hops out of the shower and wanders across the bathroom, giving us the faintest hint of a dick shot. No, I didn't rewind to make sure. Okay, fine. I did. Now leave me alone. Justin watches Brian wrap a towel around his waist, grab an apple, and lie down on the bed to eat it. Justin stares at him for a moment, then ambles past his sketchbook over to the computer screen, deciding to give this new-fangled draw-ering machine a shot.

The next morning, Mike opens the door to his comic-book store for the very first time. Before he walks in, the femme Elvises from Woody's walk by on the street, singing "Follow that Dream" once last time. That's it. I could never live in Pittsburgh. There's just way too many morning people there. Mike steps in, throws his keys on the counter, and surveys his new domain. Yay, Mikey!

Next week: Ted names his website "JerkAtWork.net," specifically geared toward bored office workers, those near and dear to his...uh, heart. Ted tries to convince Zack O'Tool to appear on his website by using the pithy line, "How about sharing your member with our members?" Zack bails on Ted, so Emmett has to take over. The Usual Suspects notice that Brian and Justin are getting way couple-y, and Brian overhears some dork scoffing at him for being in "a relationship." Debbie tells Brian, "Tell [Justin] what you could never say to Michael. Admit the truth. You love him."

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