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Ron and Dan's Anvil Annex, a.k.a. the Art Gallery. Lindsay and Justin wander through a new exhibit. Oh, right. Plot contrivance. That's what she was doing at the diner. Lindsay asks Justin what he thinks of the paintings. Justin pouts. Lindsay prompts. Justin rolls his eyes and rattles off some stuff about color and composition that I couldn't even begin to understand, let alone take the time to transcribe. They step around the anvils littering the floor and stop in front of a portrait that Lindsay calls "a sad young man." Justin nods, "Yeah, who needs to look at that?" Lindsay pokes, "Especially when you've got a mirror." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Justin ignores that comment and points to another picture that he likes better: "It's less representational, it's more spontaneous, it's more...angry." Lindsay prods, "Like what you're feeling?" Oh-kaaay. We get it. You can knock it off now. A paraplegic woman in a wheelchair rolls on over. Oh, for God's sake. She and Lindsay exchange air kisses, and Lindsay congratulates her on the show. Set phasers on "Overkill." Lindsay introduces her as Adrienne Bennett. She tells Adrienne that Justin's an artist, too, and he was just commenting on the spontaneity and anger in one of her paintings. Adrienne chuckles, "I was in a mood that day." She asks Justin what type of art he does. Justin says he doesn't anymore, actually. Adrienne snorts, "Christ, if I couldn't work, I'd wheel myself off a cliff." Anvils, anvils everywhere, over here and under there. In my hair and on the stair. Anvils, anvils, everywhere and arrgh, arrgh, arrgh! Our little blonde Exposition Fairy asks how she does it. Adrienne grins, "The way two snails fuck. Very slowly." FYI, she has a special sling that goes over her good arm, which helps her control the brush. Justin says it sounds hard. If Adrienne could shrug, she would: "What's easy besides complaining?" Lindsay rolls her eyes: "As if you never did that." Adrienne snaps, "Back off, bitch, or I'll roll over your foot." Everyone laughs, because brave women in wheelchairs are cool. Adrienne continues that she, too, was pretty upset after her accident: "In fact, I was offering big bucks to anyone who would shoot me." She intuits that Justin is probably feeling the same way. Adrienne sighs, "It ain't the end of the world, kid. Unless you want it to be." Then she asks Justin to pick a painting, because she wants to give him one.

Debbie lets herself into Mike's apartment. She went by the store; they told her that Mike quit, and she's freaking out. What? Where's all the support you were spouting this morning? Debbie drives me crazy. Of course, my own mother often drives me crazy in much the same way, so maybe that's the point. Mike grumps that he's following his dream. Debbie's all, you dreamt of being unemployed? Brian walks in from the bathroom and tells Debbie to back off the man. Debbie's not surprised that Brian's involved in this. Brian says he didn't have anything to do with it, actually. Debbie doesn't believe that for a second. Brian's like, it's Mike's life, he can do what he wants. Debbie snaps, "Yeah, that's easy for you to say -- you can pay your bills." Good grief, just shut up for a second and let Mike explain, already. He's trying to auction something on eBay. Fearless product placement! Yay! Brian chuckles that, if he's trying to sell his mother, "Better start the bidding low." Debbie smacks him. Mike's auctioning off the comic book Brian bought him. Brian's not too pleased about that; that comic cost a lot of money. Mike explains that he's going to use the money to buy the comic-book store. Debbie yells that that's crazy! Mike yells back that it's better than being a miserable Q-Martyr for the rest of his life! That's all Brian needs to hear, and he asks how high the bidding's gone. Mike says it's up to a thousand dollars. Brian's outraged, because the comic cost him way more than that. He tells Mike to scoot over. Debbie paces in front of them. If Mike asks really nicely, she mumbles, and apologizes maybe the Q-Mart will take him back. Mike tells Brian that there's only five minutes left in the auction. Brian decides to put in a bid for five thousand dollars, because "the secret to getting someone to want something is to convince them that someone else wants it more." A little lesson he learned from Justin once. Debbie snorts that that will never work. But she wasn't in Babylon that night, so she wouldn't know. And it does work. The next bid goes up to six thousand dollars. Debbie moves in to take a closer look.

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