My Haunted Heart

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Thank You for the Flowers
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Things got steamy between Luke and Dillon when we found out that Dillon was originally one of the Five, and traded Olivia's life for his own, possibly (but not realistically) thanks to Uncle Dracula's meddling. We still don't know who killed Mayor Matheson, how the five kids are chosen each time, who Max or the Spider Lady or Bloody Eyes are, how Dillon got involved with these unsavory characters, or whether the Pact can be broken.


The Grunwald: "How is old Dillon? Well, I hope."
Collins: "Turns out I think he's on our side, which will prove damnably incorrect, but to set the tone for this episode let's act like we're allied with the Pact."
The Grunwald: "That kid's well hot, but kind of a wuss when you get down to it."
Collins: "Carla, I have faith. Specifically, in the faith that Dillon is more afraid of forces unseen and my widow's peak than he is of looking like a wuss."
The Grunwald: "His best friend is an eight-year-old girl. That ship has sailed. And if you ever call me 'Carla' again I will send you out for a switch. You don't know me like that."


Dillon is working on his neat old-school car when Max comes out of nowhere, giggling and threatening to drop the jack on his chest. Max knows how to have fun!

Dillon: "Okay, I'm going to take care of it. Through no actual action of my own, I will stand by while the Five lure themselves to the Chapel, and then I will lock the door and then I will immediately unlock the door and run away like a wuss."
Max: "As long as your hair game's on point."
Dillon: "Eek! Please don't drop this car on me, just go away."
Max: "You are hilarious. And hey, go find out who's been retcon-ed to be the one helping them see ghost stuff."


Remy: "So I saw this kid bleeding out the eyes, it was notable. Then he led me to Collins and Dillon in a car having some kind of spat."
The Five: "Like he pointed toward the car or something?"
Remy: "No, it was really subtle. He has this way of standing around, bleeding out of his eyes."
The Five: "That explains this feeling of something is going to happen we're always having."
Remy: "I think it is he to whom Gabriel Abaddon referred. God knows Beatrice and Miranda are separately no help whatsoever..."

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