Scared To Death

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Dramas in the Witch House
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Caleb found another misplaced uncle, who went nuts in the middle of the night and then gave him a key to an underground county office that eventually produced a magical box. Miranda was very upset that Uncle Collins was keeping pieces of her dead body around, even though clearly it is a tradition having to do with the Curse, which is clearly not of his doing. When Caleb bitched at him about it, that old dracula bitched right back. Luke kissed horrible Tess, and Miranda ran off with something seeming to be her mom.


Miranda: "Mom, why are we in that same bedroom as every other scene? Has this show been in Heaven the whole time? And if so, where is The Grunwald?"
Mom: "Yes. Pajamas all the time, for everybody."
Random Dad: "I am here also. Heaven means chocolate-chip pancakes for you."
Miranda: "Did you know that because of lovely bones-ing me?"
Mom: "Yes and here is a closet full of clothes!"
Miranda: "In life I wished I had more outfit options, due to being a poor orphan. Then I died, and there was just the one outfit. But now I am double-dead."
Parents: "Yep, that's why pajamas. If you die one more time you get a Prom dress. That you will never wear to Prom, due to your several deaths."

Like everything else in Ravenswood, the clothes immediately start whooshing around on their own, because they are haunted.

Miranda: "Wait, are these clothes haunted?"
Clothes: "Yes! By a little girl named Max."
Miranda: "Is this little blonde girl my sister?"
Parents: "No, we just found her in the yard. She seems pretty cool."

She is not! The second Miranda goes back to shopping in her Ghost Closet, the little girl Max's head turns completely around! That is not cool, Max! Put your head back the other way! It was okay when you were just playing with a blonde doll that was a smaller version of you with candlestick curls and a spooky expression -- that's totally normal and wouldn't faze us at this point -- but you turn your goddamn head back this very moment.


But then, Caleb wakes up! I guess he was just dreaming about Miranda in Heaven. But with this show, usually Caleb's dreams are not really dreams but more like straight up what is going on with Miranda. So I guess what is going on with Miranda is: A mean, scary trick.

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