The Devil Has A Face

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Potato Weather For Sure
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While Olivia was running around having visions of her father's dead ex-girlfriend -- including one where all her skin was burnt off! -- Miranda was taunting the other million ghosts of Ravenswood with her perky sensibilities. The kids held a séance which almost killed them, or maybe it was the fact that Luke was being cool for the first and probably last time in their lives that almost killed them. Turns out the Matheson Twins' father was killed for looking into the Curse, which is very scary! Unless you are one of these kids, and then, it's not that interesting a fact. Miranda got stuck in the graveyard and later briefly glowed, but neither of those things seems to have stuck. The Grunwald fingered some drapes and then got the eff out of there, probably because she needed to dig some girls out of the dirt of neighboring towns, her other main hobby besides rocking your face off all the time. Oh, and Caleb is living in Uncle Collins's carriage house, where recently there was murder. Another thing that would barely interest him probably.


While all of the séance cleanup is going on, Miranda goes looking for Abby Wheeler (1975-1992), who maybe they talked to in a Ouija board. She finds Abby standing over her own gravestone with some friends. Guess how many friends? That's right, four other people who got exploded in the Science Lab back in '92. They see her coming and immediately scatter, looking terrified. Probably because of the bigger meaner ghosts that are always yelling at Miranda, or the wet demon girl, or maybe just because they're afraid Miranda will start talking to them about her mom.

Then Abby's headstone cracks right in half like she is Aslan. Maybe she is, I don't really know how all this works.


Just likes to hang out in a towel, bleeding from séance wounds, after such a rough night. He is not so great at writing an email to his girlfriend Hanna because of how nuts everything is all the time here, which will make him look like a liar or just crazy.

Dear Hanna, I am writing to tell you that you made a very bad call when you told me to stay in Ravenswood to solve the future murders of a girl we just met. You are usually pretty dependable but this time you straight boned it. I doubt that I will ever see you again, because this town is trying to kill my ass -- not a metaphor -- and I have already died eleven times just while I was writing this letter. In closing, let me say that I miss you very much, probably even more than I miss my car that disappeared. It is okay now, I have a Jeep of a murderer. Please tell Mona hi, and also to choke on butts. Love, Caleb.

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