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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

(Alternately you could consider building a respectful, honest, intimate sexual relationship with a partner of your choosing who requires no theatre, but since apparently that's a vile and sex-negative suggestion, I won't pursue it further.)


Bunchy is too drunk for this memorial, keeps putting the fun in funeral, so they get through it as fast as possible and then settle into more brutal memories that once again they all find hilarious and not deeply dysfunctional... And then something very interesting happens:

Bunchy: "Remember when we dislocated her shoulders?"
Terry: "Ha! That's right. Kept pulling her between us until that crack sound..."
Ray: "What are you talking about? That was Mickey that did that."
Bunchy: "No, we just both wanted to play with her. I remember clearly, because we both got the belt."
Ray: "No, it was Dad."
Terry: "Seriously, Ray, it wasn't. Maybe this has something to do with you hating him twice as much as the rest of us."
Ray: "Or vice versa."

It's like, the most '90s literary concept of all time, this hazy memory between siblings in a drunk abusive household, and I have no connection to that dynamic (as far as I know, LOL) so I don't know how accurate it is, but I have seen it in books and movies and stuff. It's been floated before, this idea that Ray's concept of childhood and Mickey and Bridget is further afield than any of us think, but the very serious, very Terry-gravitas, very sober way he corrects Mickey's memory gives both sides of the question some weight.

I mean, obviously it's in the middle -- we've never seen Mickey do anything that suggests Ray is all that correct about him, but he's clearly also terrible -- but with every episode I feel like we're getting closer to a climax where Mickey rips off his mask to reveal a monster and Ray was right the whole time, but now everybody is dead, if only we had listened to Cassandra, and so forth.

I mean, it's an interesting game to play -- not least because of the generational stuff we talked about before, this idea of Mickey being radioactive for Ray and for us in both directions -- but it just seems like an easy setup, like, how meta do we, in 2013, need our noir to be? I hope it's more subtle than "surprise, the protagonist that the show is named after was right all along."

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