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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Or even the other way, the "You thought Ray was the good guy but now he's done something unforgivable to a sad old man and things will never be the same." I just can't see it being acceptable if it goes either way, so it needs to go both, until there are no other options.

If Sean Walker dies that's okay, but if Tommy Wheeler is somehow imputed into the story as the 2.0 Sean Walker and murders somebody for some reason and that's the cleverness, well, that's going to piss me off too. Cleverness, with this not-very-clever show, is always going to be trumped by the emotion, which is conversely always on point. So when you start dicking with the cleverness in a way that throws off the emotion, then you're back at this just being a dumb Showtime show again. Which would be unfortunate, because check out Bridget ruling, once again:


Abby: "So didja fuck him?"
Bridget: "Pardon? You don't use that word! You're from Calabasas. You're so upper-class, you're so spiritual... Did I 'fuck' him? You and Daddy are racists! You're just a racist fucking housewife! And you live with Daddy, who by the way put a gun in Marvin's mouth! He's an animal, you're married to an animal, which makes you..."

Abby loses it, just unspools, and it's amazing, just screaming at her to shut up, because it can be unnerving when your entire inner monologue is coming out of somebody else's mouth -- somebody who shouldn't have agency, somebody who just yesterday was your little doll -- and Bridget, who already knew she won, has won. It's satisfying, not the least because Abby is the worst and deserves to have her hypocrisy shoved in her face at all times, but also because maybe Bridget, out of the whole gross universe, can actually get through to her? For a second, it seems possible.

But never underestimate Abby's ability to double down, to entrench in her own misery and outsmart the universe once again:

"If that boy got you pregnant I'm not taking you for abortion. Have the kid, ruin your fucking life."

Abby Donovan: 1.
The Universe: 0.


The boys are laughing giddily, drunkenly, as they remember another prank: This one, Bunchy was too jealous of her cuteness and, feeling supplanted as the baby, cut off her pigtails and threw them behind the radiator, creating a strange smell forevermore. That's when Mickey comes in, happy to see them happy and sad to see them sad and hoping for a second that he can be a part of it.

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