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Birthday Cake For Breakfast


Bunchy, understandably, doesn't go into the church with Terry; he sits outside, all alone, looking as usual forty and fourteen at once. Inside, Terry does the whole confessional tango you know from movies or from doing it yourself, and finally the priest is like, "Oh shit, you're just fucking a married lady? You in the past were fucking a married lady? You came all the way here in the middle of the night to tell me this? Listen, you deserve to be loved more than anyone I've ever met. There is no real sin here. Don't fuck married ladies because you deserve better."

Which is not the narrative Terry needs to give meaning to his experiences -- and I wonder if it's not also about cheating on Bernadette, whoever that is -- so he runs out of there, all kinds of pissed.

Meanwhile, a bus of kids has arrived late from some kind of trip, and Bunchy is enough of a child that his smiles toward them is without guile, but presents as an adult so that you get that weird feeling again. I don't know what I would do if it went there. I can't even really conceive of it happening, even though that's exactly what happens in real life. So but then he sees the minding priest put a hand on one boy's back in a way that could mean nothing or could mean everything, but either way it sends him dark. The boys set off together, into the night.


Ray's drunk and smiley and sweet when he knocks on Bridget's door.

Bridget: "Am I in trouble, Daddy?"
Ray: "Not with me, kid!"
Bridget: "Are you drunk? Why?"
Ray: "Because it's Bridget's birthday and this is what we do."
Bridget: "That's sad, and sweet. That's beautiful."

"Well, also it's the secret we were too sober to tell you. I'm weird about this and your mom is weird about this because it's our job, and that's not negotiable. But there's extra context here, which is that Bridget got high and jumped off that roof because she was pregnant. The question isn't whether you're in charge of your body or not. Of course you are. But your actual brain might not be as developed as you think, or how you seem, and you might not completely understand the consequences of certain things. Some things stay in your system forever, kid. Some things change you forever. I've got tattoos on the outside of me, and inside too. Terry's got scars, Bunchy's got scars. Some of them you can see, others you can't. And it's a constant negotiation to consider whether or not protecting you is protecting you, or fucking you up."

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