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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Interestingly, Abby finds the t-shirt in the laundry and immediately figures out based on the blood spot that Bridget has gotten a bellybutton piercing. Either she is some kind of crime scene detective, or... There it is.

Abby: "Bridget, we talked about this! I said I would pick the place and go with you if you wanted to do it. Now you have probably gotten hepatitis from that, which never leaves your system!"
Bridget: "It's possible that I have been infected, but maybe just with regular infection. The only classes I skipped, I'm getting A's. Any other questions?"

I love Bridget, I love how she doesn't even bother trying to dick around with stuff like this. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, and so on. Especially since she has more and more legit reasons for being pissed at her parents, between the possible murder of her boyfriend and the gun her dad pointed at grandpa's head. Nobody's watching the watchers.

Ray enters as Abby's investigating the wound -- which does get uglier and redder throughout the episode -- and throws a fit about the whole thing.

Abby: "In theory, I did support this. In fact, because it's pissing you off, let me assure you that I am one hundred percent okay with it."
Bridget: "The therapist said it was a healthy way to reclaim my body after you took away the option of me dealing with it in another way by abducting the person."
Abby: "Why not just beat her?"
Ray: "I'm not Mickey Donovan."
Abby: "First of all, I was clearly saying you should hit me. And second of all, not even Mickey Donovan is the Mickey Donovan you think he is. This is just a symbolic gesture!"
Ray: "Yeah, of the reason you can't be trusted to live in LA. This is some trashy shit!"
Abby: "You are her father. It's inappropriate for you to be involved with this."

Which, I see her point. She's not unsupervised, Abby's right there, and frankly it goes to too many weird places at this point -- the blowjobs, his own sexual weirdness -- for him to be not-damaging by involving himself. Of course to him it sounds like she's trying to keep him from protecting his children, but that's her point: It's not his place to protect her from this. It's his place to offer her support and respect and love, but not to take possession of a body that is already under escrow. That's just another way of turning her into a doll, which is what lies at the root of his issue in the first place.

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