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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Bridget: "While we're on the subject, did you kill Marvin Gaye Washington?"
Ray: "What? That's ridiculous!"
Bridget: "Then what did you do to him?"
Ray: "What had to be done."
Bridget: "What in the fuck does that mean?"

Seriously, honey. I'm always on Bridget's side, but especially here. Anyway, now she is grounded.


Is ignoring Bridget's texts, and living back in the Compton house where his mother was murdered, which is fucking fucked up but no more fucked up than the fact that the entire Donovan family is continually living in the house where Bridget died. That stuff never leaves your system, they'd say if you asked.


Mickey is having a spa day -- courtesy of Sean Walker, to work on his film treatment -- when he runs into Rosanna Arquette playing Linda, an ex-trophy wife of a producer man who has a development deal of her own. In their little terry sandals and robes, poring over their books to flute music.

I like all those Arquettes, but she's always been my favorite. Even when she was super young, she always seemed like this... sexy hermit-witch. Like, lives outside of town, has a private relationship with The Night. Imagine Desperately Seeking Susan without her and it's just a fairly creepy rom-com, like Overboard, but you add her to the mix and it becomes this strange, soul-trading dream. Like Sliding Doors, but everybody might be on heroin. You never know what's going on in there, except that it's probably pretty dark.

Linda: "So what's it about, your treatment?"
Mickey: "I licensed my life rights to Sean Walker. We're bros now."
Linda: "Hey, you dropped this. So anyway, what is your life about?"
Mickey: "I got sent away for something I did not do. For twenty years."
Linda: "How attractive! I am bored as hell with my life, and ready to get weird."
Mickey: "Yes, but I am a writer! Very important. Are you a Jew?"
Linda: "Very droll. Guess what? I'm a writer, too!"
Mickey: "No honey, you're a girl."


A little Shakespeare, some whiskey, the usual. Angela's Ashes stuff.

Bunchy: "How long has she been dead?"
Ray: "Do the math, Bunchy. I'm not gonna Google it for you."
Bunchy: "Then I guess I'll never know."

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Ray Donovan




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