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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Frances walks in and -- like every other lady who hears about this -- immediately is like, "What a lovely tribute. I can wait." But Terry can't, and calls five on the memorial.

Ray: "So you just live here now?"
Bunchy: "I just live here again, yes."
Ray: "Why did you try to burn your house down?"
Bunchy: "I don't like it. Why'd you pull a gun on Pop?"
Ray: "...I don't like him."

They laugh, but Bunchy's well on his way to drunk, which leads to a short conversation about responsibility. It's tough because you and I -- and both of them -- know that if he gets the money back for the house -- which he's busily doing -- Bunchy isn't getting it back. It was only Mickey's bad influence that Bunchy got to have the money in the first place, and that trial run didn't work out so well, so now it's Ray's money again. (Or really, Sully's money, in the future.)

Terry: "Nice shiner. Did you husband hit you?"
Frances: "So you know about my husband! Are you stalking me?"
Terry: "Uh, a better question would be what did you think was going to happen when you walked in here? Were you about to tell me you have a husband and that he hits you? And then what, Frances? This scene only works from my end."
Frances: "I don't love him and I want to leave him for you and I am going to do it in a few months when our son turns 18 and leaves the house."
Terry: "Then I'll see you in a few months! Or never! You make me feel like a whore."
Frances: "Whatever it takes. I notice you've still been fucking me, from up there on your high horse."
Terry: "Well, it is no longer about plausible deniability. More importantly, that's between me and my priest."
Frances: "I'm out of here!"

But they both know he's going to take care of it, meaning beat up the husband, which leads us to the question of whether or not she spent this time seducing him just to get this done. Which Terry is more sure about than we are, but in turn I think we are more sure about it -- that she was committing adultery in good faith/really is in love with Terry -- than even she is, if you see what I'm saying. How could you not love Terry?

Anyway, back to the ceremony, and... Oh, nope. Terry's got an errand to run. The boys pile on behind him, Bunchy grabbing the bottle.

Meanwhile back home, Abby -- who is indeed sympathetic to all of this stuff, who always seems to understand how serious a person her daughter really is -- brings Bridget a grilled cheese and tomato soup, but of course she is gone: On a bus to Compton. Across her vanity mirror, in a very legible and precise hand, it says, FUCK YOU!

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