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Birthday Cake For Breakfast

In the car on the way to Frances' secret house, the boys drink and joke about how they formed a mob like this as kids, to beat up the Conway brothers for stealing Bunchy's lunch money. What Bunchy didn't explain at the time, and is rollicking drunk enough to say now, is that actually "lunch" in this case is code for "the proceeds from some coke I stole from Dad." They laugh, because Bunchy is a scamp, and then Terry in turn tells a story about the time Bridget put out a cigarette in the school bathroom which later flared up in class, and her purse exploded. I like that one.


Between the Rosanna Arquette stuff and Bridget's eloquence and Terry's sweetness this was already the best episode of the season, but this scene is just great. I don't even know why, I guess it's just being able to see them as more than tools, or people always calling on the phone. A Bechdel Test for Ray's goons. Lena's shredding everything when Avi comes in: Anything federal, anything that could relate to federal charges. Avi just laughs.

Avi: "Jesus Christ. Everything we've done here for the last fifteen years would bring federal charges. You want me to take over for a while?"
Lena: "No, but give me some of your sandwich."
Avi: "How's it going with that woman?"
Lena: "She won't leave her husband. I think I am a phase."
Avi: "Well, you should do yourself the favor of being transparent with her. Don't you have feelings?"
Lena: "Not really."
Avi: "Tell her you love her! Even if you don't. It's good to talk about things."
Lena: "This being your first conversation of all time, I will forgive the fact that you don't seem to understand the basics of talking. On the other hand, you've given me an idea."


Terry wastes no time in punching the man -- who is doing some afternoon work in the garden on this fine weekday -- and then really just beating the shit out of him. A neighbor appears and wades into the fray, which is when a very drunk and punchy Bunchy decides it's a free-for-all, and eventually even Ray has to get involved. We end with both suburbanites on the ground -- Bunchy sitting on the neighbor -- and Terry picks the husband up that he just beat down and acts even more Terry than usual.

"I am sorry! I did not know she was married! But you don't hit a lady!"

It's great because when Terry apologizes the guy nods, like, so meticulous is Terry's ethical process here that even the guy understands that yes: They have both done wrong, trespassed in certain ways, but now it is over with and the beat downs have been fairly distributed.

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