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Night Moves

They settle into a quiet, sweet moment, and all you can hear is how scared Ray is and how much he loves Ezra, and it's these moments with Ezra that really sell you on the wholeness of Ray. Like, of course Schreiber is awesome and of course I have a soft spot for Ray's intelligence and his whole White Knight deal, and trying to deal with two dads at once, I'm down for the whole thing. He has an "everybody gets out alive" ethos that speaks very much to me. But it's when you see the way he treats Ezra, or Lena -- or Chloe, really -- you can see who he really is: How neat he could and would be, if people would just stop fucking it up. He's so much closer to his best self than he probably himself realizes.

You know, we really don't spend enough time talking about Ray. But I think that's because he doesn't spend enough time doing much besides enforcing (and being on the phone all the time).


Bunchy's kind of bummed out and stressing about the party when Mickey returns -- from the similarly obsolete Radio Shack, aww -- and Mickey swings into a pretty lovable "let's talk about how great Abby is" distraction that ends up heading wicked south wicked swiftly, when Bunchy bristles at the idea that he shouldn't mess up his third day of sobriety by drinking, and then starts drinking.

He does it in such a way -- "I'm old enough to buy my own house" -- that Mickey can't fight him on it without fucking him up further, but you also know that Mickey thinks all of this sobriety and recovery stuff is namby-pamby nonsense, so he wouldn't fight it too hard anyway.

Cut to the kids driving to the party, giggling at their tiny subversion, and when we get back Bunchy's coked up and Mickey's dancing with the Twerk Twins from the other night. They congratulate him on his house, and then we swing to Terry, who is shocked into silence by Nurse Frances's arrival.

He thinks really hard about asking her what the fuck is going on, and then admits that he's just happy to see her. Oh, Terry. Me too, because she is amazing and I love her too, but damn. You know -- especially with her obsessive attention to the Bernadette tattoo -- that he was picturing something pretty close to her real life, sharing that with her. So she's not just lying, she took something away: Just like Bunchy, he wanted something he couldn't have, and now he's stuck with a half-assed shithole version of the real thing. But he loves her, so he'll take it for now.

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