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Night Moves

But I would say also that there is some less-okay stuff going on here where maybe Bunchy feels a little weird around kids. (Specifically, maybe, young men of Conor's age). Not sexy-weird, just guilty-weird: A lot of people who've been in his situation, or even just accused of being abusive out of nowhere, that it becomes this Unwanted Thought thing. Like, because he's so magnetized to the idea of sexual abuse, it pops into his head whenever it comes up, even with no personal desire to actually do it. Kid = irrational fear of something happening = inability to not think of an elephant.

The third option, we're not talking about.

Eventually Mickey gets weirded out enough that he tries to change the subject, but a very labile Bunchy, in absence of remembering the punch line, picks up Conor over his head instead. This makes Mickey even more nervous, because Bunchy's not so steady on his pins, and you start thinking maybe he hasn't seen Bunch this fucked up and just realized he rubbed the lamp and now has to deal with the genie.

Mickey: "All right, mister, you come with me."
Conor: "This house smells funny."
Mickey: "I know, right?"

Terry and Bridget bond over the fact that their respective SO's want to dance, and they do not want to dance, and then -- Heavens to Betsy! -- Nurse Frances and Pippi Gaye Washington head to the dance floor together. It's eye-burningly awkward, which is part of the point, but also extremely wonderful, which is the main part of the point. She really can generate chemistry with anybody, can't she? Like if you thought "This is going to look like an old white lady and a little black kid," you'd be right, and most shows that's what you'd get, but not necessarily in the context of the actors: This is fully and perfectly Nurse Frances -- not Brooke Smith -- cracking herself up trying to Dougie, if you see what I mean. The director caught it just right.

Which is good, because in the background, Bunchy has remembered the joke, and is trying it out on one of his guests. And over on this side, Mickey's doing the "first beer, don't tell your dad" stuff with Conor, followed by extremely crude dick jokes I don't even have time for. He knows enough to know when he's made Conor uncomfortable, though, and is pretty apologetic in his Mickey way, so it works out.


Deb's still waiting for Ezra when Ray gets off the phone with a determined Van Miller, who tells him to go fuck himself, which is just sad for everybody. Even Ray is like, "Dude, why? Dang it." He's helpless to help Deb, who is freaking out, but Abby's got her well in hand.

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