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Night Moves

"Let it burn," he begs Mickey. "Just let it burn," he cries.

There's an evacuation, but it's much too leisurely for Bunchy, who stands in the middle of the living room with tears pouring down his face, screaming, "Just get out, all of you! Get out of fucking my shithole!"

Which again, to me is the saddest part for reasons I'm not sure I can explain, but like: As long as Mickey could keep Bunchy afloat on the idea that this was a palace and somewhere they should be grateful to be living, and Abby could pretty it up and talk about how nice it looked, and everybody could just pretend he was a grownup now, it would be okay. But the second he reveals that he knows what an approximation, pretense, façade the whole thing was: Like he bought a broken bicycle that everybody has been indulgently pretending is a Ferrari... Oh, that just broke my heart. I didn't want him to know.


Terry, in his sweetly unassuming way, calls Ray and buries the lede.

Terry: "Uh, Bunchy got real upset, about something, and there's been a small fire."
Ray: "Of course there has. Why is this my problem?"
Terry: "Oh, the fire's under control now, but... Hey look, Conor and Bridget are here."

When Ray pulls up: Mickey's looking worried on the porch, Frances is tending to a balled-up Bunchy passed out in the yard -- his yard -- and Terry still looks beautiful and strong in his little sweater. Ray immediately starts screaming at Conor to get in the car, the better to get domestic on the grownups, but Conor's too stoned to deal, so Ray tosses him in the car and straps him in.

Mickey, "helping": "Ray Ray, take it easy! If you're angry at me, fine. He's just a little boy. Look, I'm sorry I didn't go to more of your football games..."

Even he, I think you can hear it, knows that was shittily blasé enough to get a response. But of course, there's always the huge part of this story where Mickey wants to tempt Ray over the line, into doing something -- maybe anything -- that will prove Ray is scum and/or ruin his life, so maybe that's what this is. Maybe he wants to get shot, hell -- he certainly taunts him about it before Ray drops him.

Either way, Ray's got him on the ground -- hard -- with a gun to his head by the time Bridget gets out of the car so MGW can get the hell away from the shockingly ghetto scene that is occurring, and maybe because she thinks (correctly) that she's one of the few things that will snap Ray out of it.

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Ray Donovan




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