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And, too, you see bits of Ezra Goodman ("Goodman," okay) that are hard along with those that are soft. So much of this show is about the way we take our training in masculinity, whereas The Sopranos took place at a time when the cultural conversation was coming out of a period of being all about this "generation without fathers," Iron John beat-the-drum kind of stuff. It's all valid, I'm not laughing at anybody, but it's interesting to me that Ezra was such a mentor for Ray in the good parts of being a man, and too mentored him in the ways of being a socially validated gangster.

Ray seems to be dealing with two different lives, two different fathers, two different kinds of manhood, but -- like how Big Love was always secretly in part about being married to one woman with different faces -- his journey is defined by them both being true: One father, one relationship, happening in two universes. Maybe if there were another Abby in here we could understand her better. (Or is that Lena? She keeps her trap shut and she's barely ever around, which seems like Ray's perfect wife).


Bunchy's house: Even more appalling in daylight. Poor kid. Of all the boys on this show trying to be men (which is all of them) he's the one with the most right to adulthood and the least amount of tools to get there. This kid is gonna kill me.

Mickey: "Your little SNAP group really come through! Three couches. Gotta give those Snappers credit."
Bunchy: "No amount of couches is going to make this a better decision."
Mickey: "But we can certainly try. Hey, let's spend even more of your money that you feel down to the bottom of your soul is tainted!"
Bunchy: "You know what, it occurs to me that Ray is going to be pissed at me blowing my money on something this stupid. Considering he wanted to help me not do exactly that."
Mickey: "You're right! Let's call his wife up and badger her into getting implicated."

Abby: "Oh boy. What now."
Mickey: "You know how Bunchy is the best? I need you to involve yourself in something that will piss your husband off worse than any bullshit thing either of us has ever done."
Abby: "You got it, buddy!"

But what's most appalling is how he sells it, this whole thing -- which is 100 percent true, not that it matters to Mickey -- about how Bunchy's fragile and freaking out and guilty about his entire life and burning through his money as quickly as possible because it weighs so heavily on him. That's how he gets you, you know what I mean?

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