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Sean: "I don't mind telling you that I am doing an end-run around your plan to take care of my problems by creating infinitely more problems for myself and for you."
Ray: "Sean, please don't make yourself irrelevant. You are already such a fucking hassle."
Sean: "I will do it! Because I am an idiot!"

Frank: "You know how Van Miller's off the reservation? He is off that area around the reservation now. He is Where Be Dragons. Van Miller is not on any map. Van Miller is off-roadin'. I'm out of moves."
Ray: "Hang on, I'll send you his DUI tape. Right now I gotta pick up my drunk wife from jail. Guess somebody's feeling neglected."


Goes for the beej after some makeouts. Bridget and the beer inside Bridget think momentarily they are up for it, but then -- either out of her parents' weird sexual repression or because she is a smart young woman who knows her own mind, but either way she does an impressive job with this situation -- backs out. He tries first to guilt her, then daddy-issue her, then just straight-up tries to physically force the issue and things get super fucking ugly. She gets the hell out of there, crying because he is an asshole, and he just sort of feels horrible and rapey all alone.


Abby's drunkenly bitching and simultaneously acting like a sex kitten on the way home, showing off her gams and her hideous shoes in a way she knows will catch his eye. They laugh about it, but also are both very turned on. As Frank's watching the tape -- and giggling to himself about how awesome Van Miller is -- they bust into the foyer, where she talks about how "bad" she's been today and whatever is gross, and then she goes upstairs to get some Icy-Hot for his broken ribs, where she finds a sobbing Bridget.

Downstairs, Conor gamely makes room on the couch for Ray, even taking off his gamer headset and headphones, demonstrating that they are cool. But when he mentions that Bridget's upstairs -- having come from Marvin's "all screwed up" -- zoom goes Ray upstairs. Conor, I like the way he works. Like, he doesn't really care, but he also thinks to mention it. And then it's just him, in the middle of the chaos, playing his game.

Abby: "He attacked her, Ray."
Bridget: "It was my fault, he didn't mean it, etc. Got carried away. Whatever I think is going to keep you from literally killing him. Also, you are a liar and you lied about his mom and you are not a helper of people, but a hurter of people and also I hate you, and also because it was the last thing he said before it started, I kind of blame you for pushing him over the edge, however nonsensical a grown-up would know that to be."

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