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A Pleasant Place To Get Away From
Ray: "Stay classy, Rekon!"

Bridget: "I'm going to go talk to my boyfriend about his mom's corpse now."
Ray: "Actually you will eat your eggs and go to school."
Bridget: "Actually I get a free 'gun violence against family' pass."
Ray: "Actually you cannot use that for this. Now, everybody just stay away from MGW and Mickey while I run off to Boston."
Everybody: (Immediately starts texting, calling and faxing Mickey and MGW, as is their way.)


Frank: "Van Miller, I would take any opportunity to come visit your office because you are the best thing about this show."
Van: "Frank, you are gigantic and hot and have a boat. What can you tell me about your case against Ezra Goldman and Lee Drexler awhile back."
Frank: "Wiretapping, extortion, jury-tampering. Criminal justice terrorists! Oddly it did not go very far, due to me being one of the people they extorted which continues to this day."
Van: "I am somehow not aware of that. Now I want to talk about a murder plot involving movie star Sean Walker."
Frank: "Is this real or is this part of your sex games you play with dolls?"
Van: "They are called action figures."


Avi: "Are you aware that Sully is dead and disappeared over twenty years ago?"
Ray: "Are you aware that I am Ray Donovan?"
Avi: "Valid point. Can you just let me kill your dad already?"
Ray: "No, it has to be more complicated than that for my weird emotional reasons."
Avi: "Fine, I understand that you would rather this murder be committed by an Irish ghost."
Ray: "While I am gone, make sure you and everybody else calls me on the phone."
Avi: "What else would this show ever be about?"


So in the picture that Mickey gave Daryll to place in Sean Walker's house during the Breach of His Security, you can see a movie-set chair that says Black Mass, which is apparently a movie where Sean Walker -- looking even hotter than he does today, twenty years later -- plays a guy who pretends to be a priest so that he can be getting his vengeance. The last line of the movie is "Amen, motherfucker," is the kind of movie we are talking about. Mickey was a consultant on the movie, due to how he is a Boston Irish Catholic thug, just like is in the movie.

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Ray Donovan




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