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A Pleasant Place To Get Away From

In the last twenty years of Sean's career, it has become something of a Shane Black-type classic and so today Sean is speaking in front of some kind of audience about it. And who is in that audience is Mickey Donovan, Shower-Up In Places & Starer At You.

(In the Boston airport after landing, FBI Frank calls to tell Ray that Van Miller has a witness to the murder plot, so Ray tells him to sit on Van Miller, but you know and I know -- and Frank and Ray know -- that Van Miller is a paranoid FBI spook with OCD, and knows darn well when he is being sat on.)

Ponytail James Lipton: "This minor masterpiece of the '90s action oeuvre laid the groundwork for such films as Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs..."
Mickey: "Sean Walker! Sean! Let me ask a question! I need to ask you a question!"

This is why I am scared of Comic-Con… these people. You know in real life it would be a screamingly awkward neckbeard -- or maybe Poem Girl -- doing this, and the question would be like, "Uh, in the third scene featuring Sean with the AK-47 I noticed he was wearing black shoes and then in the film's third act he was wearing brown shoes" and then either it would be, "So there!" or "Tell me I'm brilliant for noticing this meaningful thing!" and either way nobody could really say anything because assholes like that aren't actually looking for an answer, just attention. I hate that shit. It is more uncomfortable than anything but karaoke. If I go to a movie and there's a Q&A, I'll leave during the credits just in case of getting stuck there with no exit strategy once the lights come up and the awful nerd shit begins.

Sean: "Ray, I just ran away from my own screening because your dad is neckbearding me."
Ray: "Do you have a bodyguard? Are you afraid of talking to crazy old men in a crowded theater full of witnesses? Why are you calling me about this?"
Sean: "There has been a breach! You are fired again!"
Ray: "Shut up and deal, Sean. Come on."
Sean: "Remember that if I go down, I'm taking everybody with me."
Ray: "Nevertheless. Sack up."

Mickey grabs the mic from exactly the neckbeard I was just talking about, and starts into that thing of "I've got a great idea for a movie" that he tried on Claudette's hubby a while back, and eventually out of nowhere he gets the whole crowd chanting for Sean to buy the rights to his ripped-from-the-headlines story about what happened to them. And what is awesome is, it almost seems like that'll do it: Like you think Sean is going to ignore him, but later on they meet up and it becomes this sanctioned transaction of like, if Mickey gets a development deal that's enough payoff to leave Sean alone. Which Ray is not going to like for A) Personal reasons, and B) It is stupid and Mickey is going to kill you either way, so don't be a dork.

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