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Abby shows up to try and be sweet with MGW, because the only thing she likes about him is how he has no mother. But MGW is not in the mood and also seems to assume -- understandably -- that Abby is just as dirty as her husband. He tells her to fuck off and I guess that's when she decides day-drinking is the more sensible course. Once she's gone, Rekon feels all bad for him and decides to throw him a party, just any old party really but one we're going to call a "birthday" party because MGW is a little kid and little kids like birthdays. Is it MGW's birthday? No. But maybe he gets to be a new person now that his mother has given him away and died, and that's the titular new birthday of the episode.


In the post-apocalyptic video game that is South Boston, it is all about drinking and creating the illusion of burliness.

Eddie: "Ray, I'm sorry but I already spent the money Avi gave me to finger your dad on my mom's macular degeneration. She is I guess 153 years of age. The eyes are the first thing to go."
Ray: "It is actually okay because I know that Van Miller put the kibosh on that scheme and so I bear you no ill will, but you don't need to know that. What you do need to know is that I have come to town to find Sully."
Eddie: "The man from whom your father stole all that money years ago? But he moved to Belfast and later died!"
Ray: "Then get out your Ouija board and tell him I'm looking for him."

One thing that is frustrating about Southie is the lack of communication. Everybody should know that Mickey is out of jail, especially Eddie whose entire job was to put him back in jail and therefore it should be obvious that Ray is here to speak to Sully about that twist of fate. Either he's there to say, "Please don't kill my dad from being out of jail," which makes no sense because he put his dad in jail in the first place or he is there to say, "Guess what, you can now kill my dad because he's not in jail anymore." That, and the fact that everybody just seems randomly mean:

Random: "Hey, Ray!"
Ray: "Hi?"
Random: "I am clearly going to beat you up later."
Ray: "I don't really care."


Daryll and Potato Pie bitch at each other about the boxing they are watching on TV, because as usual Daryll thinks he's the expert about everything and not only can he sing but also he can tell Potato Pie all about boxing. Potato Pie eventually explains to Daryll that he hates him and that just because they are both black doesn't make Daryll less of a prig. Which is all quite true.

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