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Sean: "Dear Mickey, I will send a car for you at eleven in the morning."
Mickey: "Dear Sean, make it 11;30 for no other reason than I am a dick."

Bunchy is asleep on a cot, because his whole house smells like shame (and now burning), which is very sad, but also very unlucky for Bunchy, whose father is feeling very tickle-happy based on his lunch date with Sean Walker tomorrow. There is much tickling; ah, the tickling of Bunchy. How I wish I could enjoy it as it deserves to be enjoyed, but it just makes me sad instead. Leave him alone, ya crummy old tickle-goat. He needs rest!

Eventually everybody joins Daryll and Pie on the couch to watch the boxing and listen to them bitch at each other and Terry once again is sad about how he had a girlfriend for five minutes and then she broke his heart and then he decided to settle for a married lady, but now his schedule is entirely based around hers, which is in turn entirely based around her entire family's schedule and that's something Terry doesn't deserve to have, because he deserves nothing, because he is the middle child of the most horrible family of all time. (And Bernadette is dead, whoever that is.)


Rollin' calls, as he does, as Ray deflects Bridget's questions about MGW to the point that she has no recourse but to confirm that she wasn't calling to be sweet and reconcile like he wanted, but just to be mercenary and figure out what the kerfuffle was all about. She hangs up, it's horrible, she's her mother's daughter. I mean, like it was going to be that easy to get back in her good graces after the one-two punch of gunplay and beating up her boyfriend over breakfast, but "stay away from Grandpa or things will get weird" is such a self-fulfilling prophecy that I'm starting to feel like even if Ray were wrong/crazy about everything and Mickey were harmless -- which is the conceit here, we're still pretending it could go either way -- it would still be in your best interest to stay away from Grandpa, unless you are okay with things getting weird.

Call number two is Eddie, inviting Ray back to that bar we were just at, where those guys who were there are still there, accompanied not by Sully as Ray was given to understand, but a massive ass-beating. Ray acquits himself well and even manages a low-level snarkiness throughout, but at least one rib cracks.

Drones: "Get the fuck out of town!"

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