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A Pleasant Place To Get Away From
Ray: "Okay, but tell Sully I want to see him first."
Eddie: "Oh my God you are nuts."
Ray: "I just really want to talk to Sully! It is not for anything bad!"
Eddie: "He's not in Boston!"
Ray: "Really because you said he was dead before."
Eddie: "Ah, the lexical cleverness of one Southie thug to another. Will Hunting, you have bested me again. Through semantics."


Ray: "Argh, my rib. Oh well. Better keep acting like the Terminator."
Gary: "Ray, it is your old friend Gary! I used to date your dead sister and now I am here to qualify this episode as The One Where The Hero Returns Home To See That Everything Has Changed and The Answers He Was Seeking Are Nowhere To Be Found. Also, because we are both getting older, I am fat."
Ray: "Can I get you a drink and boredly talk about your family that I don't care about?"
Gary: "I am happy to do that, until you abruptly change the subject to your dead sister."
Ray: "So about my dead sister."
Gary: "Here we go. I don't know why she killed herself. I don't think your father was abusive, but also we are a small Irish Catholic community. If we ever started talking about the abuses that go on behind the various closed doors in our culture, we would never stop. We would all be Bunchy all the time. Boston would fall to the elite."
Ray: "Then here is some money to take your many ginger sons to a Red Sox or a Fenway Park or a Big Dig or the New Kids On The Block or feed them a Cream Pie or a lavish amount of Baked Beans. It also symbolizes my guilt of which there is a wicked lahhhht."


Rekon brings MGW a birthday cake in bed and sings to him, and it is very sweet. There is a birthday hat, and a noisemaker, and he sings because they are both musicians in the urban demographic, and MGW is a child and very happy, which is how you know something terrible is going to happen. Probably in that bed, knowing this show. Somebody is going to be denied enthusiastic consent in this very bed, Marvin Gaye Washington, you think, before your new birthday is over.

(In Boston, they wheel Mother Sullivan out of somewhere that is probably a church and over to a big black Caddy where the woman and dog we know to be Sully's put her in the car. "Say hi to your mother for me, okay?" is not just a thing Boston people are always saying, but also literally doing, on a constant basis. Saying hi to each other's mothers. For reasons of respect, but also sometimes for ghostbusting reasons. Or that of murder.)

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