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One Week Of Love

Ray: "What the fuck are you doing about Van Miller, Frank?"
Frank: "Well, Ray, I've been thinking about it..."
Ray: "Shit."
Frank: "If I turn Van in to the ASAC it's gonna shine a bright light right up my ass, and that means yours, too..."
Ray: "That is a Condition Yellow concern. They are already up my ass, they are up my ass as far as my ass goes. So if we subtract your pretend worries about my welfare, that leaves us with you chickening out because you are selfish and a coward, and therefore here is a picture of your secret family who is in my office, right now. I am prepared to burn you. Either way, this needs to end immediately. I can worry about finding a new FBI friend tomorrow."


Avi screams at Sully for hanging out in the parking lot when he should be hiding his mug, so he goes inside and this is what Catherine is saying on the phone right before he does: "Okay, I love you. Don't worry about me. I'll be in touch when I can. Bye. Bye."

At which point, upon confirming that she mentioned California to her mother during the call, he strangles her to death.

I mean, it's the longest and most powerful scene -- in that Breaking Bad way where if you are down for it it's amazing, and if you're not invested it is very long and very boring, but at least James Woods can do anything because he is magic and makes everything very interesting, just like Gould -- but on paper I can't make it more interesting than that. It is hilarious, and sorry to say that part of that is that she's been so fucking horrible and obnoxious the whole time, which is weird when it's a woman, but such are things: It wouldn't be half as funny if she was just some nurturing softy dumdum, but you wouldn't feel like you were learning anything about him if you didn't know their history and see how irritated he is by having to kill her at all.

We see him get menacing, and she gets scared in a way we haven't seen before but has always existed, and then he transforms into a demon and then he strangles her with the poodle's leash -- "I always hated your fucking mother! I'm too old for this shit, you're gonna give me a hernia!" -- and leaves her on the floor with her shoes poking out between the two beds.

Sully: "Time to go! Oh, um, she's not coming."
Avi: "Hmm. Well, I'd better go check if she's dead, because that won't fly."

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