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One Week Of Love
Ray: "The fuck?"
Tommy: "Or whatever."
Ray: "Honestly this never even occurred to me. My obsessive attention to their sexuality has nothing to do with that, but my own familial issues."
Tommy: "Either way, he's not. He told me he has a girlfriend..."
Ray: "Hang on, I have to do a bunch of awesome fucked-up things in a really quick way."

He puts on the gasmask and grabs a baseball bat, taking out ever security camera in the place, having realized they are not going to play fair once again; by the time Harvey's heavy appears, Ray's back behind the wheel, and he runs him down before threatening a freaked-out Harvey with a baseball bat. Tommy's amazement with all of this is just darling; maybe he'll take Ray more seriously now that he's seen how carefully and sweetly he deals, by comparison, with him. I mean, today he's precious cargo because of Conor, but I've noticed before the sort of exasperated patience Tommy gets out of him.


Is very particular, pouring out a frosty beer in a precise way, once they're back in his lair. What passes for joy, which is a good thing for him to be feeling here at the end of his life. I would imagine he is feeling very powerful -- validated -- when he flips on the recording and starts to laugh. But Mickey, he's coming fresh from the end of the whole meeting. A long road, from the beginning to the end, and he was leaving his shit on the side of it as he went. So to loop back around to the beginning, to hear himself betraying a man he's since become convinced could be a brother, is a little bit much.


Tommy: "Thanks, Ray! I had a great day!"
Ray: "Take care of Tommy. Which includes not sharing any of that sick shit you got running around in your head."
Tommy: "Obviously. Hey, little dude! You look slammin'!"

He turns such a charm on Abby Donovan that I had to rewind it several times to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. That is a lot to have coming at you; I think she even blushes, just from a quick hug and smile, before he reminds her who he is.

Tommy: "You'll never believe how fucked up I was this morning. Gotta hand it to Ray."
Abby: "I probably couldn't even explain it to you if I tried, but that is actually the best possible thing you could have said. I can see now what he was up against today, and that's without the three other problems he was working on all day that I'm not allowed to know about."

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