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One Week Of Love
Frank: "Why are you here, though? Why would you connect me to you in the eyes and closed-circuit TVs of my job at the FBI?"
Ray: "To scare the pee out of you. I have given you fake evidence of like five different kinds of drug use. What are you waiting for?"
Frank: "For something terrible to happen, I guess. My priorities are not your priorities. You should probably threaten my secret family just in case."


Sully & Catherine: "Blah blah blah. Heart medicine. Jeopardy. Old people talking about old people things. Bitching."


Gun Runner: "It sure is nice to be here with you in this motel room selling you guns."
Ray: "Hang on, I have to take a million phone calls in every scene of this TV show."

Abby: "I heard Conor was withholding his affection for an arbitrary reason and you know momma wants in on that shit."
Ray: "I will absolutely get him to the show with his inappropriate chat buddy."
Conor: "Because I also have an invitation to see that new Leni Riefenstahl Batman movie."
Ray: "Abs, I don't want him watching that cryptofascist claptrap. I will get this done."
Abby: "Fine, I will take him to buy a suit. Like a thing a father would do, normally."
Ray: "Suiting him up for a playdate with a bisexual drug addict ten years his senior?"

Gun Runner: "Isn't it so touching, though?"
Ray: "We're not friends. You act like a weed dealer. I am not here to hang out with you."
Gun Runner: "I just love seeing you so much. You're like a movie person in real life. You're like Purple Rose Of Cairo."


Is shirtless in black leather pants, on the roof of the Marmont, crying and drinking, with the usual complement of Bret Ellis bikini chicks wandering around and/or passed out all over the place. A bad scene, albeit one he of course looks stunning in.
Tommy: "Oh, that? I'm not going to that. Our universe's version of Harvey Levin is threatening to show pictures of me. Me and my wife. Who has left me."
Ray: "What wife? When did this happen?"
Tommy: "Chloe and I flew to Vegas two nights ago, and got married."
Ray: "Chloe the preoperative transsexual I beat up even though I love her and later paid for her surgery?"

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