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One Week Of Love
Tommy: "The very same."
Ray: "Tommy, I don't care about any of this. Get your ass downstairs."

I care. I want to know about those 48 hours. Firstly because Chloe is amazing, and also because of course she left him immediately. That's like three real-world headlines in one, between the short-term Vegas marriage and the secret prostitute and the whole sexual flexibility thing. I wish this show was constantly updating us with the amazing twists and turns in the Chloe/Tommy relationship. It seems like a real thrillride.

When he gets there, Tommy is passed out near the front door, and tourists are posing with his body, with props -- including a gas mask that will come in handy later.

Tommy: "On the one hand, I am heartbroken and I want to die..."
Ray: "-- Commit suicide tomorrow. Tonight, you're taking my child out on the town."
Tommy: "Harvey already called me for comment. I told him that we were in love!"
Ray: "He was asking you for money. Nobody cares what you think. Or feel. Or why you do the things you do. We want to see you half-naked, and we want to see you pretending to be somebody awesome, so we can pretend to be that person. At no point do you, yourself, enter into the equation. Despite the constant validation and indulgence and praise we're constantly giving you that seems to indicate otherwise."
Tommy: "That's a ton of mixed messages to be coming from the entirety of America. Maybe that's why I do all these drugs."


Van: "Did you know that only one celebrity has been convicted of a felony in over 20 years? OJ got off, Robert Blake got off..."
Mickey: "That's an interesting imaginary fact to base your life on."
Van: "They live without consequences!"
Mickey: "That's pretty valid. Maybe you're right. Too bad neither of us know about Google, or what I call 'the twerk finder.'"
Van: "Sean Walker blinks every time he pulls the trigger in one of his movies."
Mickey: "Is that a critique of his acting or... Oh right, because of him murdering that girl. God, you're nuts."
Van: "Meanwhile you're only like, totally in love with him."
Mickey: "Just test the mic. One-two-three-fuck-you, one-two-three-fuck-you, one-two-three-fuck-you..."


Lena: "Little normal-looking girl! Would you believe me, looking like a fashion model slash photographer like I do, that I think you have bone structure?"

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