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In The Valley Of The Polar Bears

Ezra's mistress (Tasha Yar) is at the thing, and she is getting crunk, so that's good.

Ezra: "Mickey called me, it's stressing me out!"
Ray: "I cannot have this conversation with you again. Trust me."
Ezra: "Until next time we have this conversation, then."

Abby: "Ray, fuckin' how dare you send a limo? With a driver?"
(Both she and Bridget underscore the fact that the limo has a driver, as if there are limos driving themselves all over LA, picking people up at random.)
Ray: "I can't even take the time right now to decipher your problem with that."

Lee: "Jew stuff! Racist stuff! Jewy racist stuff!"
Ray: "...Hang on, Tasha Yar's off the chain."

As Ezra delivers some demented/befuddled tribute to his dead wife at this huge black tie event, Tasha Yar sharks through the crowd shouting incendiary shit about the wife, her own affairs, their marriage, all of it. Not moving too fast, but also moving too fast for anybody to take her down. It's amazing. Finally Abby tackles her, in a smooth awesome way, but it's too late: Mickey appears in the back of the room, freaking Ezra into silence in a way Tasha Yar could've only hoped.

Ezra: "I see this center as my legacy, Ruth would want that. A legacy is important. Especially when you've done terrible things not to be spoken of. There's a price to pay for the wrong that we do. A terrible price..."
Ray: "So clearly my dad is here somewhere. But where?"
Lee: "Let's say a quick random prayer and clap, everybody!"

He ushers Ezra off the stage and Ray beats it outside, but Mickey is gone: Only Tasha Yar is there, barfing daintily in the bushes while Abby takes the sweetest care of her. Ray is moved by this to a certain extent.


Terry has a nice shirt on; Nurse Frances is eating alone. He blurts at her about how he paid Ray back, and she's happy to see him. She welcomes him politely, reminds him to act normal, and he gives that a shot. It's a bloodbath, but he's Terry so you get why he gets the long leash. He is a delight. A grunting delight in a nice clean shirt.

Frances: "So this is about the money."
Terry: "I dunno. It is what it is."
Frances: "That's a nice shirt for a business transaction."
Terry: "I'm a clean man."

Oh, honey. She's dealt with you naked, she knows that and more. Also, that is the saddest thing. He's always so depressed about his surroundings and thinking he's depressing and a wretch and his house is dirty and his body is weird and his gym smells like butts and it's like, "I know. I already know those things. They are fine, they are not as bad to those of us without a vested interest in thinking you are gross, which is everybody on earth besides you."

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Ray Donovan




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