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In The Valley Of The Polar Bears
Bunch: "I am a sexual anorexic."
Mickey: "I am a licensed mental health worker! Just kidding, I'm a gross old meddler, here to fuck you up worse and worse!"

Ray: "Bunchy, get your pants on. Today's the day we pick up your check and talk to that money manager about not instantly converting it into total drugs."
Bunchy: "Yeah, Mickey's gotten right up in my head about that."
Ray: "No doubt, but we'll just see about that. Meet me dressed and downstairs in an hour and by no means is our father invited."


While Avi's lookin' pretty fresh intimidating a priest at St. Josephine's in Boston, Lena watches surveillance tapes of somebody fucking somebody and then acts all "don't be clingy" with whatever lesbian is calling her on the phone, and then Avi calls to say that he can get the priest to identify Mickey as the (recent) murderer for a certain amount of money, and then -- I appreciate this show's intention to be realistic about him rolling calls, except it's always everybody calling him, at the exact same time, which is dumb -- Ezra summons him to the office, interrupting his plans with Bunchy. Ezra says "Feh" because he just keeps getting more and more that way all the time. Hollywood, am I right?


Mickey waxes poetic about the "sweet black ass" of Daryll's mother, while Terry teaches him to box. When Ray arrives, Bunchy's balky and vague and not downstairs, so it's a tense scene: Terry and Daryll fighting in the ring getting more and more violent with each other in reaction to Mickey and Ray bitching at each other ringside -- plus just Ray's presence, having recently gotten Daryll stapled and beaten on the street -- and Ray's trying to get Bunchy out of there, just looking sadder and more hangdog the longer it goes on, and Terry finally pushes Daryll to the point of pounding him, so then Ray gets to jump in the middle of it and draw a line between Mickey/Daryll and the Real Family.

...And yet still none of this is as gross as Abby dropping off a bunch of Ray's suits at this St. Vincent's thrift shop, and going on and on about how she does yoga and she's spiritual and just in a giving mood and all this shit, and it's like, the church? Really? You're already in the wrong -- and by far the most off-putting character on this entire show, which, having both Jon Voight and the character he plays on the show, is really saying something -- and you're going to give his clothes to a church organization? And have the nerve to dramatically feel bad about it as you leave the place?

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Ray Donovan




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