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In The Valley Of The Polar Bears


Gets the guy to say he picked up Mickey at prison and drove him to St. Mary's to kill the priest, but the guy's not interested in going to the cops because he looks very much like an accomplice to murder. He notes Avi's accent and Avi just says he doesn't want to know where he came from. We've seen enough of Ray's methods to know that writing the guy a check is the first option but not the only option.


Is getting his shot from Nurse Frances, but sadly Mickey is in there, somehow making Terry's Parkinson's a gross joke while also making it about him: "Did I do this to you? Did I keep you in the game too long? If I did, give me a gun. Blow my brains out right now."

It's not that interesting beyond another chance for Frances to bond with Terry by kicking Mickey out of the room, but in terms of his relationship with Bunchy it's very interesting, this making it all about him and sort of hanging a lantern on his responsibility. The implication that he feels guilty for any of the stuff that happened to his kids hangs over every scene.

Like he's so magnetically attracted to Bunchy's sexual issues that it just makes everything a nightmare -- but he's only actively abusive about it when Ray's around, because it's about fucking with Ray, because he knows that Ray feels Bunchy is still a child in ways that Terry is not. When they're alone, he simply implores Bunchy to stop having sexual issues, and even does drugs with him to find some bungling way of comforting him about it. And then the whole time too, there's dead Bridget right outside the frame.

Frances: "Is that dude for real?"
Terry: "Yeah, he's the worst. Sorry about him. Sorry about my house. Sorry about my whole life."
Frances: "I was a hooker before I became a nurse. Just kidding. Hey, can we try again to talk about your tattoo of this girl's name 'Bernadette' you have tattooed on your solid body?"
Terry: "We are done here! How much money can I give you to make you stop asking me things and being interested in and attracted to me in my shame?"
Frances: "Ray handled it."
Terry: "That makes me feel like Bunchy!"

Bunchy: "So I was thinking, isn't taking a check from the church sort of like, contributing to the church's problems? Or like it's blood money? Or several other overdetermined things?"
Ray: "This is just Mickey saying everything he can to make you not want the money, so that he can have the money. You realize this?"

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