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In The Valley Of The Polar Bears
Ray: "Why, because you respect him as a human?"
Lee: "No! Because he's a big black trainwreck! Always getting DUIs and things! Took an Uzi into LAX! He's poor with his money. And that means shekels!"
Ray: "Great, whatever."
Lee: "But you have to buy the kid outright from his junkie mom, okay?"
Ray: "I'm acting like that's a certain amount of offensive, but really it's much more offensive than this show seems to understand."
The Show Ray Donovan: "Or am I just very, very grown up?"


Mickey turns it into a shitshow. I don't want to talk about it.


Ray calls Lena to ask for information on Re-Kon before he buys this child for certain, while en route to his junkie mom's house. Characteristically, Ray is worried that Re-Kon is a fucker of children, because this entire show is about people raping children. Secondly, he authorizes Avi to spend as much money as necessary on this informant linking Mickey to the murder, for the same reason.

Finally, in a plotline not about child rape -- yet -- Terry calls to whine about Ray paying for his therapy, and Ray tells him once again to ask Nurse Frances out because clearly she is into him. Terry finds it very difficult to understand that he is a catch, which is becoming his main deal; the story is concerned that we do not yet know the story with his Bernadette tattoo, but at least if he starts dating Nurse Frances he might talk about it. (And/or something terrible will happen.)


Abby realizes during yoga that she is very angry and disappointed with her life, which is what causes her to act like a monster all the time. Thanks, yoga! The yoga instructor assures her she is not a terrible person, which I guess is what he's paid to do. He has one earring and a mullet, Abby, I wouldn't take his word for it. Take it from me, you're pretty awful.


Finally one of the SNAPpers snaps from all the fucked up things Mickey keeps saying, and they throw him out. Bunchy sticks around, and on his way out he's like, "For what it's worth, those dudes that raped you will definitely burn in hell. If you would like to come by my family's boxing gym maybe that would help in some way." I'll be damned how he keeps being awesome in the middle of being shitty like this, but it's quite the tightrope act. Once he's gone, they're like, "And what's this about your check, Bunchy?" And Bunchy's just like, "Now that you see what I am working with, you understand that I have 99 problems that are not money?"

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Ray Donovan




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