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New Year's Babies

Previously: A winter storm was a-brewin' between Teresa and her cousin Kathy, and it seems that storm will blow into town on New Year's Eve. Plus the never-ending saga of Bratshley carried on same old, same old.

We join Caroline in the middle of her radio show. This week's topic: New Year's resolutions, new beginnings, etc. One listener calls in to say that she is resolving not to smoke anymore because of her kids. Caroline tells the story of how she never used to wear a seat belt until Albie, then a lisping three-year-old, told her to buckle up because, "better thafe than thorry!" Isn't the image of little Albie and his little lisp enough to melt your heart?

Caroline moves to her next caller, and Melissa tunes in just as Caroline is saying, "Do not let anybody intimidate you -- especially if you're doing something pure and good in your heart." Melissa takes that as a cue to call Teresa. She says it's to get the kids together, but you know she's just angling to have a Kathy-vention. Melissa says her resolution is to be the bigger person concerning situations with Teresa, no matter how frustrated she gets. For her part, Teresa admits she doesn't want to see Melissa either, especially after the Gorgas left her Christmas Eve party to go to Kathy's. "I mean seriously, could they get up each other's ass any more?"

Over at the Laurita house, Jacqueline asks her parents to sit Bratshley down and talk to her about priorities. Jacqueline's mother thinks Bratshley will grow up eventually, but Jacqueline thinks, at 20 years old, she should be grown up by now. Jacqueline's dad goes into Bratshley's room and finds her drawing. Bratshley says she's never really considered making a career out of her artistic talents. As her grandfather tries to encourage her, Bratshley continues shading her sketch of Marilyn Monroe and acting totally blasé and unappreciative of his feedback, as is her wont. The only time she pipes up is to say that she gets bored easily and doesn't like deadlines. Such promise, that one! Jacqueline admits she's burnt out from giving Bratshley the same advice time after time and feels like she's talking to a wall.

The next day, Caroline calls Kathy to invite her to The Brownstone's annual New Year's Eve party. Caroline explains that her family and the Wakiles have been friends for years. Despite her loyalty to Teresa, Caroline refuses to hate Kathy just because Teresa says so. Kathy immediately mentions that there might be some awkwardness. Caroline responds, "I'd like to think that we're all adults and that we can get together in a room and have a good time and act appropriately." In combination with the notion of Teresa (or any Gorga, really), there are about 15 things wrong with that sentence. I mean, with this powder keg in place, Caroline might as well invite Kim G.

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