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...Caroline on Sirius talking about their road trip. She alludes to all of the issues, and finally someone calls in. The caller asks about Caroline's worst fight or experience on the RV trip. Look at people, trolling for spoilers. Caroline talks about shutting off a friendship, blah blah blah, we've seen it already. And then another caller asks about Caroline's relationship with Dina. Caroline says that they fight like crazy, and sometimes in a family of eleven peoples' personalities change and they don't always see eye to eye. However, she loves Dina to death, and they're still family. Oh God, and then Caroline tells us that she holds Teresa responsible for the pain in her life and relationships that are hurting. I mean, take some ownership for the fact that you are kind of a hag, too! She says that with Dina, she has to let the smoke clear and let all the damage that's been done dissipate in time. She's tired of fighting. Except with Teresa.

Back at the Fabellini party, Dina tells Teresa that the whole style of her book was lighthearted and fun, so she didn't think it was offensive. But Caroline was of course offended, and said that she didn't want to be Teresa's friend anymore. Dina just laughs and says that the last time someone told her they didn't want to be her friend, she was in fourth grade. Since, in Dina's opinion, Teresa didn't do anything to really hurt Caroline, this whole thing is kind of silly. Teresa is a big fan of Dina's opinions. Dina asks if it will change her life if Caroline isn't in it. Teresa says it will not, and Dina basically tells her to just move on and let it go. She has her kids and her health, and everything else is BS. Dina adds that holding on to anger makes you ugly, so Teresa should let it go and stay pretty. The two vow to grow old together and have their boobs redone until they kick it. Dina ends the conversation by telling Teresa that if she ever writes anything bad about her, she'll fuck her up. I think that's appropriate!

Next time: Oh God, the Posche fashion show featuring that cretin Kim D. And we all learn the least surprising news ever, which is that Melissa maybe used to be a stripper. Please, someone kill me before I have to watch this.

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