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Ain't No Party Like a Christening Party

Danielle has Danny over, where they can bitch some more about Kim G. blabbing her business. Danielle's upset that her kids found out, basically, through Teresa. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but the woman has a point. Danielle can't believe Kim G. would do this after she was there when they had the big country club fight. She can't say she trusted Kim G., but she wanted to. She suspects Kim G. just used Danielle to get in good with the other women, by feeding them information and then backstabbing. Danielle and Danny head out to meet Kim G. at Portobello, so Danielle can tell her what a two-faced bitch she is.

When they arrive, Danny reminds Danielle not to throw any punches, and Danielle laughs, "No way. That's not me. That's why I brought you." Oh, right. Danielle's a lover, not a fighter, now? Danielle shows up and lies to Kim G. that Christine was very upset when she asked her if she was looking for her biological mom (when, in reality, as we all just saw, Christine was like, "She said something about your biological mom or something. I don't know," in between mouthfuls of diner fries). And she says that Christine told her she heard it from Teresa. Danielle says she knows Kim G.'s speaking with them, and Kim G. admits, "Absolutely." Danielle says that she now knows who she's been dealing with, at least. Kim G. says she can be friends with them, too, then we get some flashes back to Danielle talking shit about them all. Kim G. says she can be friends with both, and Danielle says she doesn't have to act to her like she's not friends with them, though. Which, again, shockingly good point.

People are starting to gawk at the screaming plastic-surgery-gone-bad poster children as Kim G. raises the volume and tells Danielle she's sick of her telling her what to do. She says she's been a good friend and given her a lot. Danielle disagrees. Kim G. tells Danielle she's a sneak and a liar, and throws her napkin at a her. Danielle calmly asks her not to throw things at her, and equally as calmly gets up to leave. Kim G. follows Danielle out to the parking lot, screaming and screeching, telling Danielle she's jealous, and that Danielle has no friends and has fake and square tits. Well, okay, she got at least a couple of her facts straight. Danielle says Kim G.'s a sadistic, twisted bitch. She also got her facts straight. And... it's over.

Next week (how is there still more to this season?): Danny tells a gleeful Danielle that Joe got arrested. He hit four trees -- driving drunk or something? -- so they all go to Venice to celebrate.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey




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