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On the beach, Juicy is telling Rich and Albert about the restaurant he and Teresa claim they're opening. Obviously it's very well thought-out because Teresa's business plan is "If we get tired of it, we'll sell it." Rich notes that the toughest part of the restaurant business is that the weekends, when everyone else is winding down, are actually the busiest time. Juicy insists that's only a problem in owning a banquet hall and that there are a lot of differences between restaurants and banquet halls -- though, when Albert asks him to name them, he can't come up with anything specific. Albert warns Juicy against opening a restaurant solely based off of Teresa books because people won't drive long distances for a novelty concept like that. Albert asks where the money's going to come from to pay the employees. Juicy's answer? "It doesn't matter." He vagues that he'll make it work and adds gratuitously that he's going to be "getting back into" construction as well. Ladies and gentleman, the Warren Buffett of New Jersey! Albert and Rich can only smile mockingly at Juicy. Rich explains in an interview that Juicy loses interest quickly, and this just seems like another one of his pipe dreams.

As Rich says that he and Kathy are going to focus on catering for the time being, she joins the conversation, chipping in that opening a restaurant is a big step and that she'd be afraid it would take her away from her kids. This hits a nerve with Teresa, who thinks Kathy is insulting her mothering skills again. Seeing that Teresa is getting worked up, Kathy tries to drop it, but Teresa notices that she rolls her eyes. Kathy wonders why everything she says is perceived as an insult. She says they've had a really nice day and shouldn't spoil it by lettings things get ugly. In an interview, she says Teresa is trying to embarrass her and refuses to back down this time.

While Teresa is spitting out all litany of "How dare you"s and Kathy is rolling her eyes like she's watching a hamster wheel, Greg is taking offense that his "beloved Kathy" is being attacked. The women keep going back and forth and back and forth like a really bitchy pendulum, and even attempts to break the tension from Chris and Albie are ignored. Kathy tries to make peace by saying that it's obvious Teresa is a good mother who loves her kids more than anything. Instead of appreciating the compliment and moving on, Teresa defensively snaps back that she doesn't have to prove herself to Kathy or anyone. Chris tells Juicy to end it, which he does immediately. The only unfortunate part is that he roars over Kathy to "Shut up!" Naturally the conversation carries on under people's breaths for another five or so minutes, including Teresa completely hallucinating Kathy calling her a bitch.

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