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She and Juicy leave as Melissa and Joe arrive. Rich quips, "We were just taking care of that Middle East problem." Kathy tries to explain to Melissa what happened, but it was such a product of Teresa's paranoia that she struggles, other than to spin her finger around by her head and call Teresa cuckoo. Everyone jumps to Kathy's defense, especially Greg, who says, "You're a lady, Kathy, and don't let anybody tell you different." He's less charitable to the Giudices. When Albie says he bets they're having the same conversation, Greg snits, "Except they're having it in, like, third grade words." If you count "fuck" as a third grade word, then Greg is spot-on. Teresa keeps spouting the same angry stuff repeatedly as Juicy dismissively says, "What the fuck does she know what she's talking about? Fuck 'em." That's pretty much his approach to everything in life, isn't it? Teresa adopts her fake voice once more and says, "She doesn't matter! I know I'm the best mommy ever!" She declares that she's "so done with Kathy... again."

Next week: Teresa continues her angry tirade against Kathy. Melissa makes her stage debut.

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